Sennheiser MKH-416 P48U3 Review

Sennheiser MKH-416 P48U3 Review

The consumers looking for shotgun microphone should select Sennheiser MKH 416 P48U3. This is an excellent option for recording films, videos, and broadcasting as well. The brand Sennheiser always produces excellent equipment. The pro-level experts adore it. It never fails them down. When the blogger or YouTuber wants a more professional approach to his/her videos this gear will exceed all expectations.

MK416 is an industry-standard for experts. Those who want the result of superb quality should try this mic without hesitation.

The Features Of The Sennheiser MKH 416

There are a lot of microphones of this type on the market. However, MKH 416 is considered to be one of the best. Its popularity has risen with the advent of podcast’s popularity. The compactness of MKH 416 is the first thing that is liked by all users. It’s often used by moviemakers who have to transport it and don’t need something bulky gear otherwise it’s hard to carry it. The compact device doesn’t create any problems.

The mic features ample gain with a strong signal. It functions perfectly with a minimum sound treatment.

The sound is really impressive. We will cover this aspect in detail below. The device is solid and durable. It is made of metal. MKH 416 is excellent for different weather conditions. Even if the climate is unfavorable, this doesn’t affect the quality of the recording. Anyway, one should care about the device when it’s too windy. The user can protect it with wind cover, for instance. The mic is extraordinary. The voiceover work becomes outstanding with it.

Those who need the equipment that performs well should select MKH 416. It will serve you for years to come. The professional should have such a device in his arsenal. It won’t disappoint even the most demanding consumer.

Sennheiser MKH416-P48U3

Sennheiser MKH416-P48U3
The best choice

Some consumers select this device exclusively for voice over as it’s one of the best in this respect. It captures the source ideally even with minimal sound treatment.

grade: 5.0/5



Cost & Accessories

When the price exceeds $1000 price tag, it may seem to be expensive gear, but taking into account the professional level of sound MKH 416 delivers, it’s a good deal. The microphone will serve you long. It’s made to shoot films and videos on the move. Such equipment has stricter technical requirements so the cost is explicable.

Complete the inventory with other accessories as well if you want better quality. One of the filmmakers advised to pair it with a lav mic of excellent quality. Such a set would suit all possible recording situations then.

It’s also possible to acquire a swivel mount boom arm and a shock mount if you can afford additional expenses on accessories.

The Sound

Recording quality
Recording quality

This highly directional microphone provides excellent sound. If we compare diverse unidirectional mics manufactured in the industry, we will see that there are no rivals to MKH 416 in the quality of sound. It is attained thanks to the narrow-angle of sensitivity. The small pickup area is very handy when recording is made in a noisy place. All background noise is canceled easily due to the structure of the device. The voice is heard because the ambient noise is rejected. It makes it excellent for use on the stadiums, field recordings, etc. Sennheiser MKH 416 is often used in the movie industry thanks to its fantastic sound. Those who used the device are satisfied with the richness of tone and excellent capture of sound. The sound is pristine and natural. It’s not distorted during the recording. It’s also important to note that all nuances of the sound are reflected. Therefore, the pro-level recording is received without extra effort. The sound is not colored and there is no muddiness in it. MKH 416 can capture all intricacies of the source, no matter what exactly it is: a person’s voice or an instrument. The microphone greatly economizes time as the outcome received doesn’t require post-processing. High quality has already been attained during the recording. If the person needs some device to record the source outdoors, it’s a wonderful variant. You may not realize how fantastic it is if everything is recorded in special treated conditions. But if you go to some public place with a buzzing and humming environment, you’ll be happy to receive a clear recording afterward without all this noise you heard at that place. It works like a miracle. So it suppresses the exterior noise, but it’s not only that.  MKH 416 also has a very low level of self-noise so you won’t hear its inner sounds as well.

The microphone capture basses well. If we compare different microphones in this price segment and compare the received sound, we will see that it’s an excellent value for the money.


In case you are a professional, working in the sphere of sound, such acquisition as MKH 416 is a must-have. It’s a tough world where the result is difficult to obtain at times. The equipment can’t solve all issues but it’s possible to deliver the result that is closer to the ideal one. This increases your chances of success. The mic gives a competitive advantage so it’s an excellent investment for those who earn their living making videos, documentaries and other types of videographers. Every day the audience is entertained with television shows and films created with help of this microphone. The model has already become the historic one and you have a chance to acquire it as well. The expenses will pay off very quickly if you are skillful enough to record great sound. It’s one of the best options for field recordings.


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