Audio-Technica AT2020USB+ mic review

Audio-Technica AT2020USB+ mic review

AUDIO-TECHNICA AT2020USB + is a high-quality cardioid condenser microphone with USB digital output. What you should know about this mic? This is a balanced combination of studio model features, lightweight, compact size, and stunningly stylish design. When designing and creating the microphone, the best quality standards were applied, so it stands out among similar devices of this class.

The main advantages lie in high dynamics, high sound pressure level, and minimal noise level. All these characteristics make it an indispensable element of a modern digital recording studio. This model deserves a detailed professional review and widespread interest of consumers, from beginners to professionals.

First impression

Here in review, we’re talking about a small smart condenser cardioid microphone, complete with which we get a long connection cable (more than three meters), a protective case, and a neat desktop tripod. There is no sensitivity regulator in it, the presence of power is indicated by the lightning of a bright blue LED. The sound format at the output is 16 bits.

What about the look? The manufacturer did everything so that the microphone attracted attention at a glance. This also applies to beautiful packaging and contents (to a greater extent).

The microphone is presented in a weighty steel case; the developer clearly did not save on consumables. This is a high-strength solution that will last the user for a long time. By the way, the external grill to protect the capsule is also large. The secondary layer of fine mesh is designed to reduce unwanted overtones, but still the opportunity to use a separate pop filter is worth considering. It is always useful to cut off unnecessary sounds around, and this is a point of the review to note.

Audio-Technica AT2020

Audio-Technica AT2020USB PLUS
Audio-Technica AT2020USB+

grade: 4.6/5


Technical aspects and sound review

Recording quality
Recording quality

The model is perfect for digitally recording any acoustic sound source using your favorite computer software. This microphone is equipped with a digital USB output. It is characterized by expressiveness and articulation of sound, which optimally fit into the concept of studio quality for a home studio (but not a professional studio, there are not enough opportunities here), recording on the street, for working on radio. The device has a light aperture, which guarantees an extended frequency range and outstanding dynamics.

The high sound quality of the device is achieved through a 16-bit A / D converter. A large aperture determines the wide possibilities for recording voices of different keys. natural sound and high quality is preserved. The developers have equipped the product with a monitoring function. The user can also connect headphones. This will help provide instant tracking of incoming sound without loss. The built-in amplifier allows you to record high quality and volume sounds. AUDIO-TECHNICA AT2020USB+ microphone is equipped with modern software and is compatible with popular equipment.

Despite its simplicity that looks clear in this microphone review, the lack of some functions and filters, this microphone has a very good and believable sound in every sense. At the same time, the price of the device is acceptable for its niche. When used as a vocal microphone, it will give pleasant warmth in the middle and lower-middle range. Its light presence can be useful to many vocalists, while the microphone clearly preserves clarity and fullness of sound.

General conclusion

In general, for review, I can highlight several points why this microphone is worthy of a wide range of users. The light diaphragm effectively takes into account the need to expand the amplitude-frequency characteristics and obtain high transient audio data. Moreover, it is designed specifically for the needs of this model.

The wide dynamic range allows the device to withstand high sound pressure levels. New possibilities open up for the user, and this microphone acts as a universal and at the same time reliable and high-quality solution in this way.

The cardioid radiation pattern, which effectively limits the capture of sounds from the sides and back, is also important for the design. The microphone is marked by excellent isolation of the selected sound source. I also note the mounting options. The microphone is firmly, accurately, and securely attached to a rotating rifled stand so that the performer can relax and enjoy the recording process.

And the model is in a durable case, which reliably protects it from damage and guarantees a long service life. The microphone will look great both in the recording studio and on stage.

In my opinion at the end of the review, the AUDIO-TECHNICA AT2020USB + can be safely considered a decisive device for its niche in terms of value for money. It is ideal for home studios, and especially for vocals.

Characteristics and features

  • microphone for home recording studio
  • optimal for recording vocals
  • possesses shockproof case and reliable system of fastening
  • cardioid pattern
  • sensitivity 37 dB
  • 20 – 20,000 Hz operating frequency range
  • options: 3.1 m cable, table stand, case, rack adapters


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