Best microphones for high-quality Skype audio

Best microphones for high-quality Skype audio

Stable skype connection includes many constituents. It’s easy to lose it even when the slightest technical mistake occurs. Everything should work flawlessly for its efficacy therefore it’s hard to define the priority among different components ensuring its work. Actually, all these things are equally important. It refers to such equipment as a camera, speakers or a microphone. Loss of connection happens due to hardware issues or driver problems, but sometimes even Window errors cause disconnection. The issues should be solved methodically. You should consider the purchase of superb microphone first to remove at least this point from the list of possible problems.

Skype is often used in business for discussion of complicated problems and all participants of the dialog or group discussion should hear the contents very well. One should care about excellent microphone to deliver brilliant performance and fantastic clarity.

How to find a no-brainer device that meets all demands of consumers? When the difference between the pricetags is slight and hardly noticeable, it’s better to acquire pricier options. The broadcast options always excel the quality of many non-professional mics available on the market.

In the $10 to $40 range

It seems that it’s impossible to acquire high-quality audio gear for the money but yet it’s possible to do. One of the radio stations, which helped to get the results of this survey, tested the microphones within this price range and admitted that Logitech USBH530 is the best alternative. It means that even prosumer-level microphones can be cheap. One should just learn to determine them. Hopefully, this guide’s useful enough for consumers who are not able to afford professional broadcast microphone.

Your budget

H3: In the $50 to $80 range

Choosing the microphones within this range, the specialists handpicked several alternatives. The trio included the BeyerdynamicMMX2, Blue’s Snowball and SamsonC01U. It wasn’t hard to make the choice then as the Snowball was definitely superior in many aspects. Beyer doesn’t go in comparison with it. Though the latency is still present, it’s insignificant, which is just a small drawback. The user faces the same issue with the SamsonC01U. In general, the C01U and Snowball microphones are equally good. Both of them are undoubtedly suitable for skype calls.

H3: In the $90 to $120 range

Those who can afford to pay such amount for Skype gear, shouldn’t refuse from quality it offers.

It’s not that difficult to find an exceptional microphone at such price. Many models can boast of fantastic audio quality for video files and Skype calls. The mics offered below are the best microphones to use with Skype.

Blue Yeti is magnificent. Produced by the same manufacturer as the Snowball model mentioned above, it presents fabulous characteristics. The researchers were impressed with performance that exceeds all expectations of professional users. However, non-savvy customers can hardly notice the difference between the Blue Yeti and other models within the corresponding price group.

They are focused on perfection and such efforts deserve the praise. When the experts compared Yeti with AT2020 USB, they also selected Audix USB12 for the survey. As a result, they came up with the conclusion that the choice of finest microphone depends upon the demands of consumer. Some users are able to distinguish the difference in performance, while for others it’s either not a big deal or it’s imperceptible.

The Best mics for Skype calls

Don’t forget that you should sound professional when speaking on Skype with your customers or colleagues. Which is the best among Skype microphones?

Audio Technica AT2020 USB

(Read review Audio-Technica AT2020)

Audio-Technica AT2020USB PLUS
The best choice

The device is perfect for the entry level consumers. It isn’t able to present huge potential but features everything necessary for flawless sound. It comes in a steel case that’s rather weighty. It’s clear at once that the manufacturer doesn’t try to economize on protection.

The design is also aimed at protection of capsule. The outer capsule grid is also rather thick, so the microphone is sturdy enough to serve long. Despite the fact that there is second layer of protection designed to reduce unwanted overtones, one shouldn’t neglect pop-filter’s usefulness.

Unidirectional microphone has a smaller capsule (16mm.electret) than other devices of the similar size. However, it doesn’t affect the performance badly. The result is unbelievable in spite of its simplicity. The sounding features the pleasant warmth in the middle range. The slight improvement is probably flattering for many vocalists but simultaneously the mic doesn’t lose clarity and fullness of sound.

When checking the microphone on diverse musical instruments, the person notices good and balanced sounding. It performs clearly, with much depth, there’s no clumsy “honkiness” in it, inherent in many microphones. It’s a multi-purpose mic that features rejection at 90 degrees off-axis. That means that it’s an excellent choice for using at home. It’s one of the fantastic options among Skype microphones.

The only thing the device lacks is a spider stand absorbing vibration, but the manufacturers refused from the idea. Their decision is explicable as they tried to make the microphone affordable. It’s one of the best for skype and gaming among reasonably priced devices.

grade: 4.5/5


Audix USB12

Audix USB12
Audix USB12

The consumers mainly pursuit the convenience nowadays therefore they look for simple solutions offering comfort and effortless process. What’s good about the device presented?

  1. Its ability of capturing the source to the computer is one of the advantages of the device. Even without reading specs, it’s clear at once from the name of the microphone.
  2. The device with a solid base and gooseneck stand is durable. It’s praised for solid construction and quality components.
  3. The flexibility of the gear makes the unit best for podcasting and voice-overs. It also reproduces what it captured accurately. The smoothness of the result is guaranteed.
  4. It cuts off undesirable low-frequency signals and works quite well for variety of other goals including gaming or conference calls.

Provided with a push-to-talk button, this miniature device is, probably, the best mic for skype calls.

It’s also nice that the set is complete with accessories such as foam windscreen enabling better performance and a USB cord. The microphone is compatible with Windows OS.

grade: 2.6/5


Mpow 218 USB Headset

Mpow 157 USB Headset
Mpow 218 USB Headset

The microphone is convenient to use. The flexibility of the microphone makes adjustments easy. It’s usually a problem with microphones of this type due to stiffness. But here the balance between the stiffness and insufficient stiffness is preserved. The headband adjustment of this microphone is firm and doesn’t slip under normal conditions. It’s an excellent solution for constant use as it features cushion on the headband and soft earcups.

Sitting comfortably on the head, its headset’s almost impossible to be shaken off even when shaking is done vigorously. The device features a flexible cord of proper length.

The users don’t complain of poor-quality performance when the microphone is used for skype calls. The conference calls are smooth and the users on the other end can hear everything clearly. The same is referred to its use in a computer online game.

The directional microphone cuts off unneeded noise so the calls are never plagued with environmental sounds.

Despite the plastic housing, the item is rather durable. Therefore, the microphone is a good alternative for touring gear. For instance, travelling often and working on the road, the person has to shove it to PC bag regularly and the device needs to endure it.

grade: 3.8/5



Our recommendations

It’s worth buying a good microphone instead of losing your customers. A serious professional should care about the quality equipment and provide stable broadcasting. The voice should be reproduced correctly without defects such as plosives. For instance, the second mic described has the problems of this kind. USB12 also has problems with ‘T’s. But these issues can be easily removed if necessary. Still we would advise AT2020 for Windows OS because it passed all tests staying on a high level in many parameters. Its performance at times was even better than that of Yeti. Even experienced sound professionals have selected this microphone among other mics so it’s worth your attention.
The consumers using Mac recommend Blue Yeti for this purpose. It’s compatible with Mac and performs great.


The specialists feel the difference between various microphones much better than simple consumers and you should take this factor into consideration. If you address non-professional folks, probably, there is no reason to spend tons of money. However, despite such circumstances audiophiles never put up with what we call ‘acceptable quality’ and ready to pay for it.

The choice often depends upon the budget but there is always the opportunity to cope with tasks within the price range available for you. We have to operate the certain amount and do our best with what we have. The task is take maximum benefit from the gear at your disposal. Find the microphone that meets your demands.


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