Buying guide: Microphones for dictation

Buying guide Microphones for dictation

There are things which save much time and time is the most precious thing in this life. Using dictation software will help to economize tons of precious time. The users will spend it more efficiently, capturing ideas fluently on the run. Those who type all day long and spend much time sitting at computer can relax and find suitable microphones for dictation. Such gear simplifies the working process.

The person needs a perfect headset for an excellent performance. It makes a huge difference when the device for dictation is superb. There are a lot of different ones to select from and we have collected the best items in this article. The article is going to cover the most popular kinds of microphones for dictation, so the reader will learn for sure which microphone is worth attention and which should be avoided.

Three types of microphones

Connection type for mics USB
Connection type for mics USB

There are hundreds of microphones available on the market but they can be divided into three main groups. What is preferable most often and, consequently, chosen by consumers microphone, is a USB headset. There is special software that is used along with such microphones. As a rule, the microphones are delivered along with software when boxed versions are distributed but such microphones don’t belong to the finest options, therefore, the consumers prefer to select different one among headsets found on sale.

Apart from USB headset, the person can select either desktop microphone or a wireless headset. As for the wireless microphones, they can be of two types. Wireless headsets employ either DECT or Bluetooth. Each option has its pros and cons.

Wired headsets: Basic tool for talking to a computer

There are a lot of reasons to use wired headsets. These devices don’t need a power supply – the consumer just connects them to PC, smartphone or mobile gadget and uses it without problems. People employ headsets to talk to friends or relatives via a computer in some programs such as messenger or game. It’s also possible to use headsets for dictation.

When headsets are used for chat, these devices differ from microphones for dictation because the latter requires special software for speech recognition.

Headsets are accurate when speech is reproduced. It becomes possible thanks to the right positioning of a microphone in a headset. It’s right near the person’s mouth. But not all feel happy wearing headsets. The devices seem not so convenient, get tangled in the hair and cause discomfort pressing on head. Besides, the person doesn’t feel free with a wired headset on. Wearing it the person has to stay near the computer all the time.

The software that is needed for speech recognition requires excellent quality of sound to work properly. Therefore the requirements to microphone are high. Microphones should be able to suppress the background noise to be able to perform the tasks. Wired headsets work incredibly well. They cope with the task easily. The construction of such devices is aimed at reduction of noise around you. The headsets are highly directional microphones and can be helpful even when the room is full of environmental noise.

The choice of the right headset is very important. If its quality leaves much to be desired, then the written text has many mistakes in it. The correction takes a lot of time. But proper gear removes the problem. In this way, the right headset helps to economize time. It just doesn’t make sense to employ poor quality equipment. If the correction takes longer than typing then it’s not reasonable to employ the resources to get the result.

Wireless headsets: Untether yourself

There are many people who try to avoid the hassle of dealing with wires. They prefer wireless headsets instead.

There are other reasons why we need to go wireless. When wired devices are used, we have to remain seated near the computer. If the person is confined to his working place, he feels psychologically deprived. People who like to move around find wired headsets horrible and prefer wireless options. Make yourself free choosing wireless headsets.

At this, it’s worthwhile mentioning that the accuracy of such devices is not perfect, so they make the person technically confined. Poor sound and much interference – these are common problems of wireless headsets. Microphone of superb quality is necessary for dictation.

The headsets employing DECT technology proved to be more efficient than Bluetooth microphones. However, when distance range of two microphones is compared, Bluetooth headsets fade in comparison with the microphones from the opposite group.

Desktop microphones: Comfort and freedom

Desktop microphones Comfort and freedom
Desktop microphones Comfort and freedom

Wireless devices are often marketed as very convenient. There are no wires in the way and the person feels superb wearing them. The reality isn’t so bright though. Something is hooked on your ear all day long and drives you crazy! And you are ready to do everything possible to get rid of this irritating stuff, even refuse from the project you’re working on. It shouldn’t be this way. The gear should help us and improve the conditions of work. The comfort is important for success. The customers who are confused, should apply to the professionals and find more appropriate mics to experience comfort.

It is better to select a desktop microphone aimed at speech recognition. It’s comfortable to use such mics. However, even a specific microphone may not be suitable if the person doesn’t behave in the right way. The person should be disciplined, and speak to the mic. The boom is long and flexible, but when the talking person turns his head, the voice may not be clear.

It’s a fantastic solution for people who find a headset annoying and don’t want to wear anything on the head. The desktop mic is always at the disposal of the user when needed and can be removed when a person is involved with different activity. Place its base to the keyboard or closer depending on the way it picks up sound. There are models with telescopic booms that can be extended when needed. The experts advise different models offering superb quality. USB3-in-1 TableMike is one of the best.

The best microphone for you

Much depends upon the person choosing among the best microphone for dictation. If convenience is a priority then headset is probably not the best option. It can be a nuisance then. However, headsets microphone may be needed when the person works in a room with much surrounding noise.

There are a lot of things determining the best mic for you. Let us see what steps should be taken to decide upon it.

  • The person should analyze the setting and see if the environmental noise isn’t too loud. Even expensive headset won’t be suitable if it doesn’t meet consumer’s requirements.
  • It’s important to see how much the person uses the device. If it lasts for many hours on a daily basis, then it’ll be hard for one to remain seated at the desk all the time.
  • The preferences of the user should be analyzed. If the headset interferes and irritates the consumer, different option should be chosen.

There are many other questions as well. Should it be a USB headset? What type of mic is going to be more efficient? Find the answers to these questions, consider all pros and cons and determine the best variant.

Andrea ANC-700

Andrea ANC-700
Andrea ANC-700

If you want a well-built mic with noise-canceling capabilities, you have discovered it with ANC700. External sound suppression is really impressive. The customers select the item when the ambience where they work is full of sounds that should be eliminated from the recording. The choice of corresponding gear is able to solve the problem effortlessly.

It’s a perfect option for speech dictation. One can be sure that it’s a solid piece of equipment and generally speaking a good value for the money. It functions perfectly with Dragon Natural Speaking.

Consumers love the adjustable headband that easily fits any person. It rests comfortably and securely on the head and doesn’t disturb the user. Rotation of a boom makes the device even more convenient.

The microphone isn’t able to convert stereo to mono mixing audio signals and sending via a single channel.

grade: 3.5/5



Andrea ANC-750

Andrea ANC-750
Andrea ANC-750

Being a feature rich device, the microphone is actually identical with the previous item described with one exception only. The person uses either one, or two earphones as these are distinctive features between these devices. 750 is the device with both ear phones and this is actually more practical as it helps to remove the surrounding noise easier. It’s incredible choice when speech recognition applications are employed. The device ensures ideal isolation.

The microphone is portable due to its capability to fold. It looks aesthetically pleasing. Use the microphone for home office projects and for distance learning communications. The stereo headset of professional level is known for its clarity and accuracy.

grade: 3.8/5



Audio-Technica PRO 8HEcW

Audio-Technica 8HEmV
Audio-Technica PRO 8HEcW

This is a dynamic microphone with a unidirectional pattern picking up the sound within a small angle clearly. At this, it rejects noise from other areas in the room. It reproduces sound very well. The headband provides stable fit though it’s hardly visible. The flexibility of mic boom coming from one of the sides contributes to the convenience of the device. The connector is standard – 3.55mm.

It’s an excellent microphone for dictation and speech recognition. It’s as efficient as more expensive devices but in this case, the person doesn’t have to pay extra money! It performs its work well. It’s advised to keep the microphone closer to the mouth for more efficacy. The item is versatile. The consumers do not face feedback problems with it.

The headset is durable. Many users say that use it for decade and it still works perfectly. Many speakers use it on stage and assure that it’s the best sounding device.

grade: 3.9/5



Sennheiser ME 3 II

Sennheiser ME 3 II
Sennheiser ME 3 II

It’s not problematic to use the device for work projects and for entertainment, for instance, for gaming or talking with friends. Sennheiser ME 3 II features the design that can be used for both sides. The boom is easily adjusted the way needed to serve the consumer. The device makes the person’s hands free.

It’s very convenient to apply the device for speech recognition and dictation. It acts like expensive headset microphones, as reviewers state, but the price tag is much lower.

The product has outstanding rating. It’s versatile in application and some consumers even apply it for singing. Upon the whole, it meets the needs functionality but many customers assure that encountered discomfort problem, especially on non-ear side. If discomfort causes pain, the person can’t use the device for hours and it’s a serious drawback. Some reviewers took measures and had to pad the device on their own or use the memory foam to adjust it conveniently. The item is reasonably priced but when it just collects dust in some homes and can’t be applied, what’s the use of it? The other issue consumers complained of – the microphone isn’t sturdy and just stops working. However, other consumers found it very good, highly assessed its functionality, especially those who wear glasses. They assure that right positioning can solve the issue and if it gets the job done, it’s worth to be considered. They call it convenient and lightweight and highly recommend the microphone to other users. So the reviews differ considerably, so it depends on you if the microphone is worth trying. Is it worth the gamble with flaws mentioned earlier? There are hundreds of microphones on sale. There’s always the possibility to select the best device.

grade: 3.1/5



Razer Kraken Pro V2


Razer Kraken Pro V2
Razer Kraken Pro V2

Some people use it to do broadcasting, others apply the device for dictation, there’re other applications as well but all of them state the same thing – it’s highly functional item working great and affordable at that. Apart from versatility of the device, doing things hands free is always the advantage, so the benefit of this headset is clear without discussions. The microphone features volume control on headset cord thus making it easy to adjust it. Gamers play better when the sound is clear, especially during durable gaming sessions when convenience plays big role. Adjustable boom contributes to better convenience, so that the users forget about its presence. It’s actually the best praise for a headset – when the consumers just don’t remember about the device, when it becomes invisible on them. Free rotation of microphone and certified voice recognition are additional pluses of the microphone. Those who need VoIP or other services can purchase the device without hesitation – it’ll serve well!

The sound is excellent, the fit’s comfortable – what else to expect? If it’s about the price, it’s also right. Efficiency, cost, reliability – it is working wonderfully for educational purpose as well. Bass is decent for such budget price. Teaching voice recognition software is superb responding to its speech patterns. One can forget about spending time on writing comments to the students as voice recognition is able to economize time for the teacher. Just imagine when the teacher has more than 100 students who require individual approach. This is just impossible to find time for each of them. With voice recognition the person shouldn’t be tired as well otherwise it’s not always able to decipher what the one’s saying. High-quality microphone solves the problem easily speeding up educational process, removing technical issues such as good enunciation and clarity. It picks up the speech and recognizes it effortlessly.

grade: 4.1/5



Edifier G4

Edifier V4
The best choice

If the person wants to hear well but doesn’t want to be isolated, it’s better to select the device without one ear covering. This device can be helpful if the ear is required to the outside world. The capability to be able to multitask makes such headsets irreplaceable.

All cords are excluded when using the device. Flexible microphone is easily adjusted the way you need to be close to the mouth and deliver clear sound to the other end. It’s light and hardly noticeable when worn on one of the sides: either left or right. It doesn’t pick up the noise around, or reduces it when there’s much of it. Anyway, it makes the voice stand out, consequently, the headset serves its main goal.

grade: 4.5/5



Audio-Technica PRO8HEx

Audio-Technica PRO8HEx
Audio-Technica PRO8HEx

When one set fails after another, much consideration should be given to the choice of mic. Finding a perfect combo of headset and microphone can be challenging but it’s possible to do. The device should be well-designed and microphones with “O”-boom meet the requirements of consumers. The boom works perfectly without stress on the ears.

The distance between the mouth is always equal no matter where the person turns his head. When lapel microphone is used, the voice sounds not so loud when the one turns away from the microphone. With headset this is excluded.

Light weight and good functionality of a headset makes it a fave choice among many consumers.

grade: 3.9/5





TheBoom C is known for its precision due to a long boom with a microphone on it located right in front of the mouth. In contrast to other models with microphones near the corner of the mouth, this one is placed right before it and it contributes to quality of speech.

The tour guides, sport instructors, tutors, teachers and comon people who use the microphones for their goals at home, should consider this marvelous product. It deserves attention! Provided with opportunity of doing the main activity and commenting it to others using the headset, people find it very convenient. For instance, the tour guide can drive and talk simultaneously without putting hands off the wheel thus performing two jobs at once.

grade: 4.2/5



Shure WH20

Shure WH20
Shure WH20

Some say that it’s unbeatable as far as speech is concerned. Besides it’s amazingly affordable as even the manufacturers of the product admit. It works flawlessly with speech recognition software.

If extension of microphone is needed, it should be done on back of the head, not on top! Right mounting helps to make it convenient. Velcro strap isn’t necessary for functionality of the device.

It’s often marketed as Shure WH20 knock-off. The headset quality is up to par though the construction is still not that good as WH20 and slightly fails in comparison.

It’s just incredible that the price is so low. The quality of speech recognition is marvelous. It is not a problem to use the microphone for many hours as the product is very convenient.

grade: 4.0/5



Sennheiser ME3 Combo

Sennheiser ME3 Combo
Sennheiser ME3 Combo

This is the excellent value for the price. Even at high volume the customers do not face problems with feedback.

The audio quality is compared to the quality of the lapel microphone, but still it functions better when the person is active. Headset helps to keep the head at the same distance from the microphone all the time.

Being a feather light item, the device fits well and adjusts without any problems. It’s provided with a Velcro band, which is actually not needed. ME3 is used with USB adapter.

The microphone has mini jack connector enabling connection with transmitter.

The headset is convenient to use for heads of dancing groups, sports instructors, for instance, in aerobics. The person shows movements and needs to contact the group that listens to the instructor simultaneously. Such professionals use the headset microphone combo on a daily basis. Sennheiser ME3 combo is durable and handy. This is also the microphone to use for dictation.

grade: 3.2/5




The choice of device is always individual thing and should be considered with the person’s imperatives in mind. Only then it’s possible to find the best solution. Investment into the headset or other type of mic will pay off if you do it properly. If some person finds it annoying to wear the headset, there’s always the better alternative. One shouldn’t purchase things he dislikes. The market is affluent with other choices. Looking among the best microphones for dictation, the user will definitely discover the variant that performs job and suits best of all.


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