Blue Yeti Pro Studio USB/XLR Microphone Review – How It Differs From Original Model

Blue Yeti Pro

If you want to buy the product of Blue Microphones, Yeti series will probably seem alluring for you. The USB microphone it offers is highly evaluated by multiple consumers. The selection includes different models but they all are based on the same model offering the same features and benefits. Despite their similar traits there are some differences that play a big role when you select the right microphone.

Blue Yeti Pro – Features

This Blue Yeti Pro review discloses the main features of the model. This is a very solid device and this characteristic is noticed at once. The size of the mic is a restriction of some kind as it excludes portability. But it looks superb on the desk! Use something more compact when portable mic is required. Pro USB microphone doesn’t enter this group as it’s rather weighty.

There are two characteristics that make the model differ from usual Yeti. The first one has to do with higher-res – 24-bit (in comparison with 16-bit) and 192kHz (compared to 48kHz in other Blue USB models).

Users with more demanding attitude to sound will be glad to know about XLR connector coming with Pro version of Blue USB microphone.

The addition of XLR means that being a USB microphone, it can be used as a condenser that is connected to usual mixing consoles. Those who don’t need this feature shouldn’t overpay twice for it. As you see, addition of one feature only became rather costly for the device and increased the price tag 2 times.

Blue Yeti Pro Video Review

Assessing features of this Blue USB microphone before writing a review, the customers admit that its price is luxurious for the benefits offered. The advanced Blue Yeti Pro version is more expensive therefore the detailed review will help to determine if the option is really needed.

Blue Yeti was the most advanced mic when Blue Yeti Pro microphone was developed. Though it’s dubbed ‘pro’ this doesn’t denote that the device is professional. This is rather a marketing feature. Pros acquire other mics and they don’t need ‘pro’ in the name of the microphone. The professionals don’t need such reviews as well. They highly assess BlueYeti but recommend it to people who need fast results without much fuss. It would be more correct to say that the device was developed for prosumers. It just demonstrates more advanced status of equipment. You should watch the video review of the product to make sure that Yeti Pro USB looks fantastic and is going to be a great option for you.

Blue 1967 Yeti Pro USB

Blue Yeti Pro Studio
Blue Yeti Pro Studio

grade: 4.0/5



Blue Yeti Pro Original Audio Recording

Among different Blue microphones, Yeti Pro USB reviewed here takes a special place because of the following audio characteristics:

  • The capability to record the sound at a higher resolution. When such parameters are involved, more details are captured. It determines the process of quality editing. Also, the files received when this model is used is bigger than usual.
  • The switchable pattern enables to get the audio of superb quality. It’s also possible to select the most suitable pattern in this or that situation. As a result, the person gets a clean sound full of warmth.
  • The capsule of the mic features the same parameters as in its predecessor – it’s 14 mm. The device records a good sound in cardioid mode even when it’s noisy in the room. The background noise is easily removed with audio-editing software. Use the bidirectional pattern to record the conversation with the other person or performance of duet.

The level of the mic is good for budding musicians and singers. It’s possible to take the device to the recording studio to capture the performance.

The Blue Yeti Pro USB Mic In More Detail

The microphone that has USB only are purchased by non-professionals as this creates certain limitations. The possessor of the device will only have to make recording on computer and won’t have different alternatives. Yeti Pro USB microphone differs as it can be used on its own in case you connect the device through XLR using interface or mixer. In this way, the consumer acquires one microphone that functions as two different microphones. It helps to economize.

Customers using a mixing desk will like the option. It provides flexibility. They will be able to use the same microphone on the road and then in the studio. Those who prefer consistency in sound will accept the offer gladly.

However, people who don’t use XLR shouldn’t purchase the device as it’s better to buy its less costly sibling and take advantage of the same features available in the other USB microphone. It’s enough to have USB mic for recording podcasts and voiceovers. Twoway USB interface used for connection performs its work well. Such device doesn’t provide stereo sound but USB enables high connectivity and simplicity therefore it’s so effective and widely used.

The device works when connected to the gear with phantom power. It’s possible to use XLR and USB at the same time. It’s better to name the device semi-professional.

Your Views On Our Reviews

People can feel perplexed when they can’t decide if they need Blue Pro USB mic. However, the goal of this review is to provide helpful information to all those who need to buy classy USB microphone. It’s easy when you need to purchase Blue products. This opinion is shared by many consumers. Hopefully, you can find the information in the review useful. Reviewing the gear, we focus on most important features. You can always express your attitude on the subject and say what you think about this review. Your feedback is highly welcomed.


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