Blue Snowball technical review

Blue Snowball Review

Even non-techy consumers are aware of Blue products that are suitable for almost all who want to take advantage of accurate and fantastically-made sound equipment. The spectacular Snowball Blue mic is really impressive, first of all, in design. However, if you assess the features of a mic, you’ll see that its technical part is not worse than visual. Blue Snowball condenser is known for its excellent, natural sound. It reproduces the sound accurately, without distortions. The microphone is suitable for entry-level users who perform different kinds of work with sound such as podcasting, voiceover work, streaming, etc.

The recording of sound is a rather exhilarating subject, especially for specialists and sound enthusiasts. When the person sees the ideal visuals but the sound file is horrible, it spoils the whole project. The choice of Snowball USB microphone will make you forget about such difficulties. As any product developed by Blue Microphones, the item is gorgeous. The audio is going to be as perfect as visuals.

Blue Snowball in the Box

It’s very important to understand for the consumer what exactly is included in the box before the purchase is made. Some producers can add accessories luring the consumers to acquire their product. Others, on the contrary, don’t put to the box required items thus urging the customers to buy additional things. It’s often the cause of irritation for many users, especially, those who are not aware of such details and are not able to use the device until all required accessories are bought. Fortunately, this is not the situation with Blue Snowball USB microphone that can be used right out of the box.

So, what was placed on the box of Blue Snowball? USB cord, a desktop stand, the guide and the mic itself. In other words, everything necessary is included. The desktop stand is fixed in ICE model but can be adjusted in case you purchase other Snowball.

Product Description

There are three possible modes the person can use. The rear part of condenser microphone includes the slider for switching them. Snowball Blue mic is omni but can be easily switched to the cardioid position.

Despite its unusual form, Snowball Blue USB microphone is well-built and rather reliable.

The spherical form doesn’t prevent its installation. The threading available on the bottom makes the setup process effortless. Multiple reviews say about the durability of the Blue Snowball.

The desktop stand included in the Snowball box is of tripod type. It’s very easy to make the appropriate height to use the microphone conveniently.

The mic is not that light as you, probably, think. However, this is not a drawback of Snowball USB microphone. On the contrary, the device seems even more solid and substantial when it’s heavier.

There are two varieties of the Snowball Blue model. Snowball ICE has a lower price tag as this USB microphone has only one unidirectional pattern. Record your singing, gaming streams or voiceovers with it. The consumers buy Snow ball mics for their home studios and are pleased with the results obtained. Those who need to record live music should purchase a model with omni pattern for studio to get an enhanced recording. Omni records sound going from all directions, not the front and sides only as in the case with cardioid pattern. Omni Blue mic features higher sensitivity, therefore, one should think about the sound treatment, if you use this model of Snowball USB device. One of the modes is rather specific –it’s called Cardioid with -10db pad. The pattern should be selected in case the user wants to diminish the sensitivity. Employ it when the sound is too loud to get a better recording. Otherwise, the result will resemble a mess.

The Snowball Blue mic is not white only. It’s possible to acquire the microphone of different color: blue, black, red.

Snowball Blue is covered with resin casing protecting the plastic microphone from damage. The mesh grille that covers the top and rear part also contributes to this goal. The tripod legs are durable and made of metal, but the plastic covers on end are used to protect the surface the microphone is on. The legs don’t scratch the table. The Ball is pleasant to touch.

Recording quality
Recording quality

The legs of the tripod desktop mount are steady so it’s possible to place the item of any hard surface to start recording.

Some consumers buy Snowball Blue mic when they can’t afford its more expensive sibling – Blue Yeti. To their surprise, the USB microphone provides excellent quality, so it’s an excellent substitution. The microphones from the same family deliver similar Blue quality, so it’s not surprising that many users give preference to stylish Snowball Blue mic.

The microphone comes with rather reliable quality cables that don’t wear out when they are used. Reviewing the microphone, some customers point out that it’s not stable enough despite tripod construction of legs. The radius of the legs is just a little more than the radius of Snowball sphere. It won’t fall down if you push it a little on the surface but if you inaccurately pick up the cable and this is natural when you play computer, the microphone can fall down easily. The consumers also point out the quality of build, everything is fixed properly in the model. Though it’s made of plastic and low-cost, it doesn’t look cheap at all. The quality of sound is excellent but the background noise of the computer is noticed on the recording. There wouldn’t be any noise at all without computer noise. However, it’s removed after processing with special software. The voice acquires clarity and saturation. It’s done easily and without obstacles. Those who are limited in the budget should not doubt about the purchase. This is an excellent variant for people who need the microphone but are in tight financial circumstances at the moment.

Blue Snowball ICE
Blue Snowball

grade: 4.3/5




Technical Parameters of Blue Snowball

This Snowball mic features mini USB connector. The microphone is made of plastic and presented on the market in several color variations. It means that you can select any color to decorate your study with this accessory. The appearance is important for people making YouTube videos, for online communication playing games online, computer game streaming etc. Snowball Blue microphone looks just stunning. It sounds perfectly as well. This is an ideal device for narration work. Thanks to duel condenser capsules the sound is clear.

Though omni pattern is one of its modes, it doesn’t capture like omni. Some specialists compare the effect with expanded cardioid pattern. The construction of microphone is partially to blame for it. It’s almost fully covered apart from places with a mesh grille. Still, it can be a good solution for capturing numerous instruments in the room or when discussion with multiple participants should be recorded. Omnidirectional mode helps to pick up numerous sources.

The microphone functions with different versions of Windows. Once Snowball Blue mic is connected it determines itself the main recording device.  Since the set includes such data, many problems are prevented.

The sample rate of Snowball Blue is 16bit, a usual thing for non-professional gear.

How it works

It’s effortless to install Snowball Blue and connect it too. The microphone doesn’t require drivers or some other software for proper work. The user just connects the mic to the computer USB jack and starts recording without delay. Blue has provided the most affordable product on the market when it introduced the reviewed Snowball model. But what is more surprising, the consumers can save money buying this gear without compromising quality. It’s also called CD quality and it’s good enough for streaming. There’s no necessity for more advanced gear in the tasks of this kind.

When the microphone is active the red light is on. The microphone was intended as the vocal mic or the mic for musical instruments. Despite this fact, most consumers buy Snowball mic for podcasts and other similar work. It definitely affects this segment of the market that continues to expand. There are surely the devices that surpass Snowballs in quality but it’s hard to find the one of similar quality at this price range. Blues development turned out to be rather successful.

Some specialists emphasize, that this is exclusively multimedia solution. It can be used effectively if this is your goal. Those who want to use the device for vocal recordings will be most certainly disappointed as they say. However, it’s a great solution for recording speech. Nevertheless, there are a lot of positive reviews of people recording their vocals and musical instruments. At least, there are no doubts that it’s excellent for streaming, especially when you just start your activity. The budget alternative meets the demands of novices ideally.


In general, Snowball Blue mic is a universal microphone that can be used for a variety of goals. This is the gear that is described as basic. The main advantage of the device is its affordability. Almost any person is able to acquire it without problems and enjoy quality conversation with his or her online friends. Snowball Blue is not a feature-rich microphone but it includes all necessary essentials. Reviewing the device many people find out that it’s good enough for beginners. It’s an excellent option when the blogger starts activity but not sure yet if he wants to continue further. The narration is going to sound more attractive when it’s recorded with such equipment. It improves success chances. Poor audio can spoil even the most promising project. Snowball Blue will save you from it. This stylish microphone can do wonders and bring crowds of fans to your YouTube account where you share your videos. Besides, the microphone comes with a rather comfortable and steady tripod desk stand – a must-have accessory for owners of home studios.


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