How to choose a wireless saxophone microphone for studio and home?

How to choose a wireless saxophone microphone for studio and home

The musicians prefer not to stand still nowadays, especially when playing such a stylish instrument as sax. Using the mic stand is not convenient when freedom of movement is valued. The players prefer to feel free moving around the stage. They want to focus on emotion not being distracted by other things. It’s easier to do moving freely in any direction when the person is not confined to the stage. Therefore wireless microphone for live performance is a preferable choice.

It’s nice to use such mic for home studio as well. Trying diverse miking techniques the saxophone players are able to achieve the desired sound.

Shure PGXD14/BETA98H
Shure PGXD14/BETA98H

grade: 4.2/5

Samson Airline 77 AH7
Samson Airline 77 AH7

grade: 4.0/5

Shure PGXD14/PGA31-X8
Shure PGXD14/PGA31-X8

grade: 4.3/5

Clip on and play

The wireless set includes a microphone, a transmitter, and a receiver. Sometimes the kit delivered by manufacturers includes all necessary components, but it’s possible to purchase the components without the whole kit, especially when the consumer wants to acquire the device with more options. The mic is attached to the instrument’s bell. The mic’s arm generally features flexibility enabling convenient positioning of the device. Simultaneously, clip-on microphone absorbs vibration caused by keys.

Belt up

Any vocal microphone employs the same scheme when the receiver should be on the stage while the sender is connected to the sax microphone. It’s frequently made as a belt pack.

What to look for

What to look for in mic
What to look for in mic

What do customers expect from mics? Good quality of sound that is achieved by wide range. If this condition is fulfilled then clear sound is attained. The performers who are not going to stand still on the stage all the time and want to go down to their listeners and walk among them, should care about the bigger range to avoid loss of connection.

Professional saxophonist is always aware of the goods of the equipment to record performance. The result is superb with proper gear (recorder, mic etc.) and when the performance is recorded correctly.

Excellent microphone captures emotions and attention of the audience and the musician tries his best to achieve it.

Consumer vs professional

The aspect under consideration has to do with available wireless radio frequencies. The rules differ from one country to another. There are frequencies appointed for use by radio systems. The user is able to choose the channel within the frequencies allowed.

It’s necessary to avoid the conflict between the channels, so professional frequencies are used in this case. Just imagine the situation when microphone can’t be used because connection is lost and you need to control a big event. The devices working on professional frequencies exclude such situation.

The novices and amateurs use consumer systems which feature set frequency. These systems work flawlessly for organization of small events. However, big festivals can’t be arranged with consumer systems. The guests will encounter connection issues.

Entry level choice

Those who need the system for beginners should select Samson Airline77 including the clipon microphone along with sender. The system is easy to use and features compactness. Lightweight devices are highly appreciated for such purposes. It’s enough to have a small battery to power the sender. Though the built doesn’t look solid enough, the performance is rather stable. The transmitter is located at the back of user’s head that makes the device different from usual devices of this type. The duration of operation surpasses 14 hours until it needs a new battery. The microphone is unidirectional therefore external noise is rejected. The mic captures only sax performance without background noise. Taking into account that hands of sax players are always busy, the wireless option is superb for them.

How do microphones work
How do microphones work

Professional Sax Wireless Options

AMT is one of the brands producing best microphone wireless systems for live performances. There are some good microphones for saxophones among them. The company produces items raising wireless equipment to a higher level. Saxophonists can try their Q7-LS with a sender embedded to the arm. The device is an excellent microphone for recording of sax and other instruments. Providing stable connection the device works well in any conditions.

It’s possible to choose among 99 channels without worrying over intrusion of other frequencies. The advantage of the system is it’s operating on two frequencies to ensure good signal. The consumers are happy to use the product that creates perfect operating environment without wires. Sound reception is excellent within 100 meters range.

The microphone system has many benefits apart from the opportunity to refuse from belt pack. The quality of sound is fantastic. Unfortunately, the device doesn’t have USB port to recharge it. The price tag is high enough to add it to this gadget. The musicians who love to control output should try this item. Good SPL parameters guarantee incredible result.

Other wireless microphone options

There are a lot of manufacturers that offer excellent options for saxophone recording.

It’s possible to acquire the system Shure PGXD14 / BETA98H-X8, which was developed for brass instruments. Little, lightweight microphone is clipped to the sax to match the needs of the instrument. The microphone for sax provides strong signal with clarity and accuracy of sound. The receiver powered by batteries guarantees durable playtime. It features connection without dropouts and a very good range (200ft). Not all are pleased with material – it’s made of plastic. It would be better to have a more trustworthy microphone for live performances and recordings. It’s a premium device with integrated gooseneck designed for convenience of use. It won’t fail consumers even during active movements usually causing many problems. Don’t worry about your hyperactive performance. There’s special equipment for it and this microphone enters the selection of such handpicked alternatives.

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