Sennheiser AVX-ME2 Set

Sennheiser AVX-ME2 Set review and raiting

What is important for live video recording? If someone decided to make a wedding video or an amateur documentary, a solid hand will come in handy first. Oh yes, still a good sound doesn’t hurt. Somehow it’s not very cool when you are tuned to watch high-quality video, you enjoy a good picture, and extraneous noises sound almost better than the desired voice.

In general, I recommend that all adepts of quality sound at a reasonable price pay attention to the Sennheiser AVX-ME2 Lavalier set.

What do you need to know about this device?

The kit includes a mic, a recorder for the camera, and a wireless signal receiver. There are several key reasons that determine the value of this model. I propose to outline them briefly right away, then to talk about the model in detail in detail.

An important design feature is the ability to connect the recorder to the camera directly without additional mounts through the XLR input. Shoe rakes will not be needed. Automatic frequency tuning will allow you to start using out of the box and attracted the attention of beginners. And it is also worth mentioning the ability to charge batteries through the USB connector and good sound quality in general.

This is already enough to pay attention to the model immediately. The price is quite high, but it is justified by the quality. There are no high-quality solutions that will be extremely friendly for beginners in this category in the budget niche. I recommend that you consider this all at once. Otherwise, get ready for the mediocre sound of the recording.

Sennheiser AVX-ME2 Set review and raiting
Sennheiser AVX Digital Wireless Microphone System – ME2 Lavalier Set

grade: 4.3/5


Now closer to the details.

I must say about the mount, which is very cool. The receiver is designed in such a way as to be tightly mounted on the camera through the XLR connector. This saves connectors, providing the ability to connect other devices and, as a result, more freedom of work. Great benefit. (If the camera does not have an XLR connector, then you can connect the receiver in the traditional way).

The rotation angle capability is very flexible, almost 360 degrees. This means that the sound can be captured as the user wants. The operation of the camera itself does not go astray.

An important feature in “field conditions” is the pairing function. It is implemented here and is effective. It is enough for the user to turn on both devices and run this function. Devices connect to each other almost instantly, and green indicators signal this. If there are several devices active in the coverage area, then those pairs that are connected to each other earlier are connected first.

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  • Plug & Play
  • lithium-ion batteries and automatic switch to phantom power 48V camera
  • automatic tuning of the best frequency with the fixation of the spare channel
  • automatic sound volume adjustment
  • 9GHz operating range
  • connection to the camera HLR connector
  • clear mic sound without regard to the environment

It is important that the sound quality is maintained over a long distance. Nominally, this is a guarantee of 30 meters, but users note up to 100 meters, provided that there are no visible obstacles between the devices. Good sound quality is maintained.

What makes the model cool for beginners? The developer relied on process automation and won. Rather, everything turned out at a high level. There are no controls for adjusting the sound, microphone sensitivity, and so on. The microphone and other elements of the system automatically adjust to the current conditions during working.

I will clarify briefly and clearly how effective auto-tuning is achieved here. The idea of ​​root technology is that the system chooses not just the highest quality frequency available, but makes two choices: the main (best) and the backup. If the main one fails, then an instant switch to the backup is implemented. The error in the switching process is invisible.

It is useful that the system operates in an atypically low-frequency range of 1.9 GHz. This means that it can be easily and seamlessly deployed in an area where typical 2.4 GHz devices work. Also, 1.9 GHz is better suited for urban built-up environments where there are too many signal obstructions.

Power is supplied by built-in lithium-ion batteries. The micro USB connector is provided for charging. It is useful in work that charging and work tasks can be carried out simultaneously. The user does not need to wait until the batteries are charged if there is a need to urgently record something. The battery provides several hours of stable operation. The presence of the phantom power of the connected camera will still be an added advantage during the working process. The receiver detects the phantom power source and switches to it automatically.

So, Sennheiser AVX-ME2 Lavalier set is a high-level solution for everyone. It provides high efficiency and reliability, which justifies a fairly high price for a long-term purchase. The kit works efficiently in complex and dynamic environmental conditions due to a number of automatic functions. This is a cool solution for those who are looking for a means of recording sound from the camera and do not seek to twist the adjustment knobs on their own, achieving the best sound.

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