Sennheiser E835 Microphone Review

Sennheiser E835 Microphone Review

Sennheiser e835 microphone is often compared with Shure SM58 and we will look now why. If Shure is a staple, this is a less famous device though it’s definitely known among the sound experts. What made SM58 so popular? Famous singers take it on the road to use this dynamic mic for live performance. It suits perfectly this goal. It should be said that Sennheiser model is not worse in quality. Besides, it’s known for versatility that can make it usable in similar situations. The good news about these two microphones is their affordability and excellent quality. However, e835 still differs. It sounds better in the mids but performs worse after EQ processing.


The item lasts long therefore the solid construction was well assessed traveling performers. Taking into account that a 10-year warranty is granted to the user, you may not worry about its functioning. If something is wrong the manufacturer is obliged to remove the problem without problems. As for the build quality, Sennheiser always amazes consumers and this model is not an exception. Built with German accuracy and thoroughness, it’s made of metal and features high SPL.

The box comes with a microphone, a mic clip, and a pouch.

Sennheiser E835
Sennheiser E835

grade: 4.1/5



If there is a necessity to acquire the e835 microphone for a hard-screaming vocal performance, then Shure performs better. As for durability, Shure also wins in this issue.

The handheld microphone is suitable for vocal performances. Like other Sennheiser models, it perfectly rejects noise and feedback. It’s great for the quality of the signal and universal frequency pickup. A cardioid pattern enables its use in many different recording situations. The electrical noise of e835 is reduced to the minimum thanks to a hum-compensating coil.


Reviewing the device we should also pay attention to its cost that explains the popularity of the gear. Sennheiser e835 microphone is incredibly affordable taking into account the level of quality it delivers. It is highly recommended to users by professional engineers as its sound is more natural while the output is louder compared to its counterparts from other brands within the price range.

Sennheiser e835: video

The handling noise is well-suppressed thanks to the shock-mounted capsule, but it can be hard to select the right Sennheiser model until you hear how it sounds. Therefore, the video of its performance can be very helpful if you want to pick the device correctly.


The item under discussion is considered a standard vocal microphone with a clean sound and fantastic response. The level of handling noise rejection is really superb. We compared this mic with Shure but many consumers prefer this alternative to SM58. At least, when it refers to vocal performance. The users consider Shure is better for instruments. If you have only 100 bucks, then this might be the best choice for you. However, everything depends upon the personal taste and the way you sing. The style of your songs matters as well. The model is great for low volume singing. It copes with the task better than SM58 that can make the vocals muddy. However, it’s less suitable for the singing style of rock performers.

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