8 Best Microphones For Recording Rap and Hip Hop In 2020

Some people think that they should follow the rappers’ example when they select the device for rap vocals. What gear do the rap stars use to become popular? As it turns out there’s no universal device for this type of music and rappers use absolutely diverse devices to perform rap and hip hop. When the rapper gets on the stage, he needs a strong message, good voice, powerful emotions and good equipment to deliver it to the audience, so each of them tries dozens of microphones before finding the right gear.

Buying Guide

There are mics with different budget and features in this guide. Mics for rap differ considerably, so detailed analysis is required to determine the right one.

Dynamic Mics Vs Condenser Mics

The condensers are generally used when the sound is captured in the studio or some space with special treatment. As for the dynamic mics, such gear is often selected for live performances. The condensers are too sensitive for loud volume therefore dynamic microphones are more suitable for concerts etc.

Dynamic Microphones

Dynamic devices are considered to be more robust in comparison with condensers therefore such gear is preferable on traveling tours. Longer life of these items isn’t an only benefit. It effectively deals with background noise. Rappers, DJs and other folks from show business select these devices to perform live.

Condenser Microphones

The sensitivity of these devices is higher than that of other microphones, but they tend to be fragile though there are manufacturers producing solid and durable condensers.

Condensers can be of two types depending upon the size of diaphragm: LD for large and SD for small diaphragm devices. One should select the first option for low basses as LD is able to reflect the signal with richness and depth. The SD devices are often chosen by vocalists and performers of instrumental music. It’s the best choice for studio recording.

Sound Quality

Recording quality
Recording quality

Sound quality is important for success of rap performance. Whether we want it or not, the voice sounds differently with different devices. If the voice coming from the mic makes the performer sound like a girl, the rap doesn’t sound convincing. It’s better to choose the mic delivering manly voice. Accuracy of reproduction matters much in this issue, but the room where the rappers record the songs is important as well.

Frequency Response

The frequency response curves color and change the sound. It’s not always possible to get the sound as it is. When people record sounds in untreated home space the result can be completely distorted. Reflection of frequencies from walls in unprepared room can ruin the performance. The sound is reflected incorrectly, some signals are louder than they initially were, others are on the contrary too quiet.

Max Sound Pressure Level (SPL)

Not all recording devices are able to manage max SPL and when the device is unable to handle the task, nothing terrible happens but it distorts result, which is very unpleasant. Usually SPL is not an issue. However, this parameter matters in rapping. The drums along with percussions can cause lots of problems during recording. Therefore mics with good SPL are required when people record performance.


One won’t get superb result without accessories. What’s necessary:

  • Headphones to follow rap beat enable correction of mistakes without delay;
  • The cables connecting hardware;
  • Shockmount to remove vibrations;
  • Popfilter protecting mics etc.

The Best Microphones For Rapping For You

Numerous things are frequently in the way when person plans to purchase the ideal device. What if the one can afford only cheap model? The budget factor often makes the consumer limited. In case this isn’t a problem, always explore new horizons and try diverse gear to determine superb device recording rap. The answer depends on the purpose of the user if this is a hobbyist or the circumstances of career in case the person is a pro. Will the person perform live on stage or just record in the studio? Is there an access to professionally treated space or the performance is captured at home? Figure out all details to remove doubts on acquisition of proper device.

AKG C214 Professional Large-Diaphragm Condenser Microphone

AKG C214
AKG C214

The company made decision to manufacturer a less pricey mic to substitute too expensive options of C414 line. The construction of the mic resembles the one used in the elite series and contains the capsule of the same size. The similar suspension was embedded to diminish vibrations and self-noise. The construction enables recording loud performances as SPL characteristics are suitable for it. Its high parameters give the possibility to attain warm sounding. The engineers added filter with capability to handle basses consequently it’s possible to capture sound close to the mic without worrying over poor result. Control of lower tones helps to record hip hop vocals perfectly. The record is going to reflect the performance with all nuances that are not noticed when less sensitive equipment is employed. What kind of music is rap or hip hop? The device suits the requirements perfectly and the performer can resort to its technical potential without fear that some details will be omitted. Performed with guitar and drums, hip hop and rap styles require microphones with features of AKGC214. It’s important to deliver the performance with clarity and particular rhythm. The best hip hop microphone is capable of it. It plays huge role when transmits the power of emotions to spectators.

AKGC214 requires 48 volt phantom power to operate. Those who need to enjoy sensational recordings of rap vocals and instruments, should purchase device without hesitation. This solidly built device will last for years. The microphone comes with a popfilter improving microphone result and suspension mic holder contributing to capturing quality.

The customers love the way their voices sound when the microphone is used for any purposes including the one mentioned here. Accurate voice representation without affluent brightness and crispness is easily achieved by the model.

grade: 4.6/5



Audio-Technica AT2020 Cardioid Condenser Studio XLR Microphone

(Read review Audio-Technica AT2020)

Audio-Technica AT2020USB PLUS
Audio-Technica AT2020USB+

The device with unidirectional pattern is applied in the complicated recording situations. It’s able to reflect the details of hip hop and rap performance working with sophisticated equipment.

Perfect SPL handling is one of the benefits of the microphone. It’s important to note that being devoid of USB output, mic is sold with XLR cable only.

The users admit that being among the best mics for music the mic holds tone well. It’s capable to reject noise surrounding the source. Thus, the consumers take advantage of crystal clarity all expect from such devices. The performance doesn’t go in comparison with what usually cheap microphones provide. The combination of price and quality is incredible. It’s actually compared with live radio quality level. Many consumers are in love with this model as find it noticeably better than its counterparts from other brands. Besides, it comes together with accessories such as high quality XLR cord that is rather long and convenient and the mic holder making mic sturdy.

Those who don’t have a studio at disposal or room with acoustic treatment can use the device without effort. All the same the sound is going to be gorgeous. It’s very sensitive and has fabulous pickup response. If you decide to buy it, you’ve made an excellent deal.

If there are issues with this mic, they aren’t severe. Some users complain of difficulty of filter adjustment before microphone after they move it. It’s too hard to move therefore it’s difficult to position it back on its place. In general, the microphone is robust and suits anybody regardless of level.

Lack of perfect connectivity interferes with microphone’s popularity. It’s XLR-type only. If the manufacturer provides users with similar USBmic, it’ll unquestionably be a hit! A perfect purchase for those who agree using XLR device and buying interface additionally.

grade: 4.6/5



CAD GXL2200SP Studio Condenser Mic Recording Pack


It’s more convenient to purchase packaged items. The customer’s sure that all accessories suit each other and work perfectly together. The recording pack described now includes also popfilter, shockmount and clip. This practical solution is employed by pro-level users as well. It should be noted that the manufacturer producing these mics specializes not on recording equipment only, but produces other electronics too. The comprehensive production extending to various segments contributes to enhanced service therefore consumers have opportunity to enjoy such offers.

The popfilter is made of nylon to be washed when needed. It effectively protects the item from powerful air flows and moisture. The position of filter is regulated with help of its gooseneck.

The metal shockmount is solid and durable. It was made like a basket that holds the microphone tightly in it. The self-noise and vibration are easily removed with its help. The whole mic looks reliable and solid looking. It features superb craftsmanship.

Use it as rap or hip hop microphone but the device is effective for numerous applications. However, the person will have to acquire additional gear as well to make it work. This is a shortcoming of the device which would otherwise be a best seller. Anyway, it’s fantastic commercial product that helps vocalists and music lovers attain the result they need. It’s great equipment for the price. It’s convenient and complete. This is the best variant for the beginner making his first steps in music.

Unidrectional pattern contributes to better rejection of noise. The person is able to hear the true sound of voice without distortions.

The diaphragm is really unique and features thin gold vapor. It also contributes to marvelous quality of sound.

The gear for recording rap should feature highsound protection level. The model copes with loud signals so there’s no problem with this.

grade: 4.2/5



Rode NT1A Anniversary Vocal Condenser Microphone Package

Rode NT1A Anniversary Vocal Condenser Microphone Package
Rode NT1A Anniversary Vocal Condenser Microphone Package

Voice acquires more charm with this device involved. The sounding is best when songs are captured. The term ‘improved’ is not right for description of result. Comparing it with results attained by cheap microphones, we’ll exclaim that it’s another world! Those who are curious about it, can always try this model deserving attention.

As far as reduction of noise is concerned, it’s the best!

Use a source of phantom power to operate. In case soundcard is devoid of such feature, the external supply of power is needed for connection.

It can be just connected to laptop as USB device because it works with XLR cable. Find a suitable interface to add the item to the package. It’s not complete without it. Many corresponding products in a wide variety of prices are on sale.

The recording mic is employed by performers of different genres including rap. Besides, it’s versatile and suitable in numerous situations.

The big capsule of the device includes the diaphragm covered with gold.

The device is perfect investment for people who arrange the recording studio. The experts say that the level of its performance is compared to what $1000 devices do. So it’s a good opportunity to save over $700 on such expenditures. It’s so popular among consumers that it was tested in hundreds of different circumstances including rap concerts. At this the negative reviews are rare. It demonstrates versatility of the device. Use the same mic for different situations and get expected quality without saving tons of money on the whole collection of mics used to perform vocals and intruments.

Ordering the mic, be ready to get a fancy box with a pouch, XLR cord, popfilter, shockmount. The box includes DVD with useful tips on recording rap. The consumer buying the device tries to employ its full potential. Tips are helpful in achievement of this goal.

Smoothness of build, amazing stylish silver color look superb. The device is impeccable for beginners who just enter the sphere. Being incapable to afford expensive gear, they get quality of expensive equipment with this mic.

grade: 4.4/5



Rode NTK Tube Condenser Microphone

Rode NTK
Rode NTK

Not all mics are able to remove high end sizzle but this device handles it perfectly. Tube condensers are known for specific warmer sound therefore are often chosen instead of other types of mics.

It’s incredible in terms of characteristics. It’s stunning. Besides, it’s robust and durable – this feature makes it irreplaceable for studio where the device transferred from hands to hands.

It took much time to achieve current model’s result.

Many imitators tried to repeat the experience but they failed. It’s hard to create more enhanced version than NTK tube device. It happened because the founder of Rode has created the most advanced mics facilities over the globe – the ones that are able to create the model, which represents the brand fully, or the philosophy of the brand, to be more particular. Now it’s perceived as a flagship model of the company. All previous efforts were combined during the production of mic and the skills were honed to perfection. And we’re able to enjoy the results of all this work.

The smoothness of transducer makes the sound fantastic. It delivers expensive sound, so to say, and looks as serious electronics. The design of the device is logical and absolutely elegant. It’s brilliant in its simplicity. It has solid cast inner case and just several screws attach its other parts. It’s easy to assemble it effortlessly.

The experts comparing different models are amazed at the pricetag of the item delivering great result. There are some instruments such as flugelhorn sounding terribly via microphone, but NTK is exception. The result displays airy sheen without muddiness.

Comparing its characteristics with those of other device, we see its obvious superiority. World class features contribute to exciting mic. Even hottest devices that outprice the model, produce unwanted buzz, but can’t be found in NTK. It’s a champion in competitions of gear delivering clarity. Fantastically, it enters the league of pricey models and manages to surpass mighty contenders. It’s simply the best and wins in all issues. It’s like leave the rivals behind on their ground. There’s some expansive airiness without perceivable coloration of tone. Buying this mic, you can be sure in its bright sound and power. The impressive performance is guaranteed with this device. It’s certainly great for recording rap and is often used by rappers.

grade: 4.1/5



MXL 770 Cardioid Condenser Microphone

MXL Mics Condenser Microphone 770 MIDNIGHT
MXL Mics Condenser Microphone 770 MIDNIGHT

Some people purchase this device for fun, folks working in the musical industry – for practical purposes but no matter what kind of consumers you belong to, this device from Marshall Electronics is definitely helpful for all creative people. It’s easy to get confused while looking for home recording gear. We browse through specialized sites, social networks, reddit reviews in search of answers but this device emerges for sheer practical reason – its price tag. It’s not cheap but it’s affordable. This factor makes the consumers pay attention to it. Musicians on a budget often resort to this solution. However, it’s not enough to win the consumers. We should test its characteristics to make sure we really need it. Does it enter the league of best microphones? Is it suitable for rap or hip hop? Let us look at its features to determine this.

Even seasoned pros select the microphone with unidirectional pickup. The rating of the device is high on Amazon and other services with reviews. The 770 is known for bright reproduction of sound and excellent rhythm that is important for rappers. We can’t say that it’s superb for all types of music but it is definitely good for the performance in the low bass end.

The microphone is not big so all its excellent features are packed into a small body. The diaphragm covered with gold creates wonderful sounding. The listeners are always eager to hear such performances. The talented musicians creating marvelous content want to improve the result using the best mic for recording. The 770 provides what is expected from it and even more. The audience will look forward to your performance if you employ such gear. The mic suits for vocals, musical instruments, podcasts, interviews and voice over projects.

Even amateurs or beginning musicians easily use the mic to their advantage. It’s no brainer for anyone. Instrumental recordings can boast of superb reproduction quality level. There is a nuance though. The device is very sensitive and catches all noise therefore the result is better with popfilter included. Also, it’s better to make recording in the room with special treatment to get pure, clear and crisp sound. The mic is delivered in a hard case with soft foam padding protecting the mike. The consumers complain that the manual is not comprehensive.

grade: 4.5/5



MXL Genesis Flagship Tube Condenser Microphone

MXL Genesis Flagship
MXL Genesis Flagship

It’ll be a great buy for those who want to acquire a superb tube device for recording rap. It’s a specific type of music that requires a special type of mics. Good music along with superb equipment guarantees excellent result! The chances for success increase even more when the users employ the best microphones for recording rap vocals. It looks bright, spectacular and fantastic! So how will you feel with such amazing device in your hands? Just like a real rapper! It’s a little vintage, and this brings some special atmosphere to the performance.

The device is engineered in a marvelous manner – it looks like a masterpiece, but it can’t be compared with the way it sounds. It’s really incredible in all respects. The sounding received features warmth and some intimacy. Those who want to capture hearts of their audience should resort to this mic. Manufactured of carefully selected components, the microphone can boast of guaranteed quality from the high-end manufacturer of recording devices.

The exquisite, unique tube is the main element of the mic providing extraordinary, fabulous sound to it – it’s Mullard12AT7. The uncolored sound of this tube mic, which is warm in itself already, is loved by all. The users love its highs, mids and lows. The pickup pattern of the mic is 90 degrees. It picks up sound from the top as well. It was noticed by consumers that the mic’s sensitivity extends to the area just behind the source. Take into consideration during recording rap session. The capsule acts like in a mic with a hybercardioid pattern.

The level of home recording increases many times when done with gear like this. The mic arrives with XLR cable so there’s no need to worry about the purchase of the cord.

The build is solid and reliable. It’ll last long if cared about well. Besides, it comes in aluminum case, that additionally protects the mic and accessories with foam. Overly, the person gets a perfect, elegant device with everything needed for flawless recording.

grade: 3.8/5



Neumann TLM 102 Condenser Microphone

Neumann TLM-102
The best choice

Though the device isn’t sizable, its potential is huge. The price is affordable and even low for the mics of this trademark, which is known for rather pricey models. All experts value extraordinary sound of the brand. The mic has a big diaphragm that is able to handle high SPL well not spoiling the quality of sound. Since we select the mic that is suitable for rap and hip hop vocals, consider the model for this purpose.

TLM102 is a wonderful way to start using expensive mics therefore in case the high end microphones are of interest to you, select this one. It will be an excellent introduction to the world of premium sound. The device produces clean and clear sounding. One can be sure that the mic won’t disappoint even the most demanding prosumers.

The mic comes with a standard swivel mount, but the other more expensive version comes with a rigid, reliable mount.

It can be a good acquisition for a recording studio on a budget. The hobbyists seldom acquire such expensive mics for home recording. The owners of home studios who can afford such purchase, are happy to add the device to their collection of mics. They are sure that the ultimate result is worth the investment therefore eagerly spend money on it because the performance is always phenomenal with it.

The device has a lot of positive reviews and, apart from other applications, can be a great mic for rap vocals. The vocalists are the main target audience when the mic is marketed but its use can be versatile as it easily tolerates loud sound.

It is hard to find more responsive and accurate device! The person doesn’t require EQ and post processing to get wonderful recording. The mic sounds warmer and more pleasant than in most microphones.

Those who need a stage mic, can find the device rather helpful. Enjoy its rich sound. It is absolutely mind-blowing for almost all. The consumers are just in love with this marvelous device – a flawless recording mic for perfect sound.

grade: 4.8/5




This is challenging to discover the proper gear to achieve success. The guide and detailed descriptions of devices will hopefully help to discover marvelous rap mic and capture excellent performance! Though this is a little step up in the career but it’s important to make it in a right way not to fall down and attain some height. The audience is very choosy nowadays but can be easily pleased with proper approach.

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