10 Best Quality Microphones For Home Studio

10 Best Quality Microphones For Home Studio

Is it possible to create fantastic music at home that would be like the pro-level compositions? Pursuing such goals, folks invest into special equipment alleviating the creative process considerably. Because hearing fantastic result is very encouraging and the person wants to create even more incredible things.

Therefore we browse through the best studio microphones to get the sounding we need so much. It is a must have for any person.

The person has to own the following components to arrange the studio at home:

  • Microphone for vocals, speaking or whatever needed;
  • Computer with much RAM;
  • DAW compatible with computer;
  • A reliable audio interface;
  • Headphones to hear the vocals captured with studio mic.

This is a minimum the person should have for capturing vocal performance. This guidance will help to find the proper studio mic. The number of studio microphones is so extensive on the market, that non-savvy consumer are often confused.

Studio Microphone Buying Guide

What gear is needed for home recordings? Studios arranged by people who are limited in resources, sometimes demonstrate fabulous results! Do they have some secret we don’t have access to? Can we also use the same microphones to record our staff and get the same excellent result? The best microphones’ reviewers can deliver biased information but when the person hears the result captured at home and admires it, he wants to know about the microphone making such miracles to equip his own studio with it. It’s a rather reasonable approach when it’s necessary to discover the best studio microphones for recording vocals.

Many devices come with more than studio mic. The package with a studio mic usually includes the accessories making the offer more luring for consumers. They prefer to get such useful things as well as popfilter, shockmount etc for vocal performance. Things acquired in a package are certainly more practical. It excludes mistakes and helps to economize at times.

Microphone Polar Patterns

Polar Pattern
Polar Pattern

The device makes a fantastic job giving the person exactly what’s needed when the one fulfills the conditions of the deal. The one gets what he asks for. Knowing how a microphone intakes soundproducing source is essential. Selecting recording equipment, regard polar pattern issue in a studio mic. This characteristic is the basic one for microphones and recording procedure, in particular.

Cardioid Microphones

These are the devices placed right in front of the source if used correctly. Picking up everything in this zone and the sides, they’re able to ignore for the most part noise produced somewhere else. Unidirectional studio mic is perfect for podcasts, vlogs and vocal recordings. It reproduces sounds in the area that looks like heart.

Supercardioid and Hypercardioid Microphones

The microphone with this characteristic is even more radical than previous one when canceling out noise. The effect is stronger but the area is limited – it’s narrower. It’s used when more focused recording of vocal performance or speech is needed.

Omnidirectional Microphones

Those who select omni studio mic, should have superb treatment in home studio as it captures vocals and noise from all directions. It can be used to capture the atmosphere in the room with its ambiance.

Figure-of-8 (or Bi-directional) Microphones

Bidirectional microphone is created to pick up the sound from the front and back of the person. Use it when recording the vocals of two persons or instruments. There’ no need to employ two studio mics in this case. It’s also a budget version when recording at home studio. It’s enough to have just one microphone instead of two devices.

Boundary (or Hemispherical) Microphones

The microphone of this type is usually employed on tough on-stage assignments. It’s a good option when there’s necessity to mike the kick drums or some other musical instruments. The microphone is placed on the floor, wall, table or inside the instrument. Such microphone is made to deliver superb results in numerous recording applications. The small size of such an item makes the recording device inconspicuous.

Multi-Pattern microphones

When a person uses the microphone in multiple recording applications, he may need the all-rounder or the microphone that’s suitable anywhere. In this case, multipattern feature is a perfect solution. The modes are just switched between each other to deliver high quality of recordings.

Microphone Types

Types of microphones
Types of microphones

What type of device is the best studio mic? Are there any guaranteed solutions? Most modern microphones are divided into condenser and dynamic microphones. Upon the type of connector, we distinguish XLR, USB models. It ‘s worth mentioning ribbon microphone that actually enters the group of dynamic studio microphones featuring warm, old-school sounding. There’re many nuances to be considered when the right type of studio microphone is selected. Read the detailed review to see the best studio microphones on the market. Which one would meet requirements of demanding prosumers?

Condenser Microphones

LD condenser microphone captures more details. Consequently, its quality is higher. It’s less dependent on the make/model of the device. These devices are more susceptible to background noise and echo. Such microphone reproduces the sound perfectly, but only in ideal recording conditions.

SD condenser microphone is commonly used for stage performances. Such microphone includes the advantages of both varieties of studio microphones: practical, easy to use, just a bit of white-noise (thanks to supercardiode feature) in recordings, but they provide lower quality in comparison with dynamic studio microphones. LD condenser microphone sounds much better when recordings are performed in special treatment places, but using SD supercardioid condenser microphone helps to achieve result without interference.

The exceptions, certainly, exist. Many reasonably priced studio microphones are LD condensers, comprising the majority of USB models. Novice podcasters usually buy inexpensive USB condenser microphone, for example, BlueYeti, but this approach only makes things more complicated – they try to speak close to the microphone so they need to use it with a popfilter.

Dynamic microphones

The vibrations caused by soundwaves produces current converted to sound afterwards. This is how these studio microphones function. These devices are all-rounders so folks looking for all-purpose studio mic, should select this type. Though vocals can be captured with it, some details will be omitted.

Dynamic studio microphones are what podcasters need: they cope better with suppressing white noise, reverberation and are not sensitive to vibrations and pickups. However, these devices feature less pronounced muffled unnatural sounding, and its level varies from model to model. The result achieved by dynamic microphone can hardly be called excellent in the opinion of audiophiles, but still, it’s wonderful.

Ribbon microphones

The unique construction of these studio mics make the devices stand out. The metal or film ribbon is suspended in a classic ribbon microphone between the magnets responding to variations in the air and generating voltage. In contrast to usual dynamic microphones, its level is too low but the transformer embedded to microphone solves this problem and raises it. Therefore buyers of ribbon studio mics should pay special attention to the choice of preamp.

The studio microphones of this kind are very delicate so it’s easy to damage them. Despite this drawback, any studio always tries to acquire the device? Why does it happen? Width of it dynamic range makes the microphone a perfect choice for recording vocals. It’s also handles high SPLs and captures transients with ease. Their bidirectional construction determines application of microphone. Taking into account its capability to pickup everything in front of the source and from its back, figure-8 pattern is ideal for them. Choose this microphone for stereo recordings. It seems that it was designed for this application. With tight treatment the studio mic removes the noise between two sources capturing clear, wonderful sound.

It’s important to remember that even slightest things can damage the microphone. Even intensive gusts of air are destructive for fragile inner components. Sometimes when the studio mic is stored on the side it affects the microphone badly.

The sensitivity of these studio mics is excellent and if their fragility doesn’t frighten the user, it’s a wonderful choice for home studio and professional use.

USB Microphones

Connection type for mics USB
Connection type for mics USB

When speed is a priority, there’s no device better than this. Known for unparalleled simplicity, this microphone is a hit for amateurs working at home and even professionals who use them in studio for fast results. The studio mic with USBjack became an incredible relief for non-technically-savvy people looking for simpler solutions for their recordings. They used to have trouble with audio interfaces, appropriate equipment for it and could have other technical issues but all this remained in the past with appearance of this new product. The quality of such studio mics is good enough to make podcasts and even make vocal recordings.

Some assignments don’t require reflection of fine details and nuances when reproducing sound, thus making these devices suitable for corresponding tasks. Select these microphones to record gaming sessions, reports, vlogs etc.

The Best Studio Mics

AKG Pro Audio C414 XLII

AKG C414
AKG C414

The company producing AKG has created a legendary device we are all happy to own. Just because it’s perfect and has a range of characteristics making the gear flawless. In contrast to the products of other brands, the models of this manufacturer are produced in Europe. It would be more convenient to work with Asian manufacturers but it makes the quality issue doubtful. So the producers decided to refuse from it and to create studio mic on their own. The experiment turned out successful and paid off well thus contributing to the reputation of the trademark. Now ACG trademark is associated with quality. The company produces one legendary model after the other. C414 is often called a long-liver by professional experts who know what they say. The studio mic is produced again and again and is always a hit. People working in the sphere of recording, broadcasting, concert performances and etc. connected with the use of studio microphones highly assess it. It’s used in numerous situations beginning from live instruments to voice over projects. It’s suitable for classic music, recording overheads and bands.

There have been different variations of the studio mic since it was created the first time in 1971. The last modern version released in 2010 added B-XLS to its name. The materials of the microphone always improved. Their durability increased while the membrane decreased in size. It also affected the sound, which became enhanced. The level of distortions reduced many times in this studio microphone.

There was an interesting story connected with this microphone. Not everything was accurate during production of its capsule, but this mistake created an extraordinary sounding of the microphone. As a result, some musicians asked the manufacturer to refuse from corrections of this accidental mistake but leave it as it is. But the opinion wasn’t unanimous as others wanted to get rid of the error in microphones’ production. For instance, musicians recording musical instruments, asked to improve the capturing process. They needed neutral sounding in a studio mic. However, vocalists were of a different opinions and liked the manner of vocal performance. It added noble-sounding to voice so it became the best studio microphone for them. The manufacturer made a wise decision leaving both variations on the market. They differ visually having different color of the grid. Old-school microphones are produced in a retro design with retro capsule employed for its production.

It’s worth saying that the set is comprehensive and just chic for this microphone. It comes in a hard case with windshield, popfilter and spider in it. Musicians recording vocal performance in the studio for professional purposes should use the original specialized high quality popfilter. It delivers excellent result.

grade: 3.9/5



AKG Pro Audio C214

AKG C214
AKG C214

Sometimes cheaper devices perform rather decently. As for the studio mic described here, it has the same capsule as the device described previously, but the number of patterns is limited in this case. It’s unidirectional therefore it’s an affordable microphone. The price doesn’t exceed $400. A large modern capsule is used for production of this device. The polar pattern switch doesn’t exist as in other low priced studio mics. The capsule of this studio mic doesn’t need phantom power. It’s electret. The manufacturers couldn’t achieve superb quality for decades in electret capsules but the producers of expensive microphones managed to do it. At present, the companies like Rode produce the best microphones with electret capsules thanks to new technologies explored by leading microphone brands.

Those who need to improve C214, should buy C314. The electret technology is honed to perfection in this studio mic. The price is considerably lower, while the sounding is excellent. It’ s a very solid device for the price.

The best distance for recording is 15-30 cm. In case the source is located far from the microphone, the sound is distorted.

The studio mic is known for its versatility. After a range of tests with recording of vocal and instrumental performance, the device demonstrated fabulous results.

C214 isn’t so sophisticated in comparison with later modes. The difference between microphones isn’t huge. The capturing is on the same level. The studio mic is used and liked by users around the world.

The studio microphone looks like retro, vintage item as if untouched by changes in time. One may even think that it’s a relic of the past but it’s just one of the marketing moves.

The microphone is recommended for people trying to arrange home recording studio without investing tons of money. Its versatility is a very useful property for such goals. The performers use it as a microphone to record voiceovers, vocal projects, to record instrumental performances and use it live. It’s also suitable for outdoor recording.

The microphone comes with a printed guide telling how to install such microphones. These are incredibly useful tips, especially when one doesn’t have a notion of what to do. Inexperienced consumers take advantage of these tips placing the microphone in different corners of the room. Each corner of the room provides different recordings. Though the description is rather detailed, all the same, the person shouldn’t refuse from trying different variants and scenarios.

The lovers of clear vocals should consider the option. As was said already, it works on everything and provides rather decent result half the price (comparing to advanced 414-model). A solid, carrying case gives good protection for the microphone. The singer or performer can take it anywhere without the risk of its damage or malfunction. Those who can’t afford the studio mic c414, buy this model instead. The quality is actually the same, but they can save some dough. It proves the notion that cheaper devices are not necessarily inferior as far as quality is concerned.

grade: 4.6/5



Audio-Technica AT2035

(Read review Audio-Technica AT2035)

Audio Technica AT2035
Audio Technica AT2035

Few people are aware nowadays that the company producing the model we are to going to describe was launched more than half century ago. When it appeared in 1962, it worked over phonograph cartridges. 14 years later it has come to the market with headphones made on new transducer technology that appeared in Japan then. Then it started making microphones’ components. With time AT became a leading manufacturer of studio mics that developed cutting edge products for recording. Some consumers use AT gear at home, others resort to this equipment pursuing professional goals at work. This versatile device is suitable for different categories of customers.

The company is known for making an array of devices for studio recording. When the boom of home recording studios has started, AT released a large variety of microphones performing their job flawlessly thus contributing to growth of brand. The quality of microphones is rather close to each other. This is a very famous brand in the home recording space. Its products are known as reliable and trusted devices.

This studio mic has a low level of self-noise. Being capable of handling high SPL, it’s useful for diverse situations. Whether it’s bought for home studio or pro-level recording on stage, it always performs its job effortlessly. Many consider it one of the best studio microphones for recording. The reason for it – its versatility. It’s a wonderful solution for a studio on a budget as the range of application of the microphone is rather wide. Consequently, the user doesn’t have to worry over the purchase of the whole assortment of microphones. One microphone is suitable for numerous occasions and recording situations.

The capability of the microphone to record voice brilliantly made it popular with vocal performers. Its other qualities contribute to its popularity. It features a solid build, so this durable studio mic will serve long.

This pro-grade microphone doesn’t color the tone, offering a good balance between highs and lows. It responds amazingly to any voice. The performance is stable so there’s almost no need for post-production. The vocals sound perfectly in a mix with diverse instruments. Some microphones can be adjusted by experienced vocal recordists, but it doesn’t refer to this microphone that is easy to handle regardless of experience level.

grade: 4.4/5



Audix D6

Audix D6
Audix D6

The American corporation Audix started working in 1984 in the conditions of fierce competition. Paying close attention primarily to the concert musicians, the company has gained huge experience creating microphones for “live” performance. The company’s experience accumulated at different times was applied on the stage by musicians of well-known groups and performers today, such as the Beach Boys, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Nirvana, Alanis Morissette and many others. It was also used in the framework of the most popular American TV shows, such as MTV Unplugged and Letterman, many of which work with Audix even today.

Audix engineers conducted serious research work to create the microphones with unique characteristics, which resulted in the emergence of several advanced technological solutions. Dynamic microphones use modern durable ultra-light material, which is used today even in space technologies – the Mylar polymer. When creating a membrane, the Mylar film is molded with a special surface structure, which, together with the extraordinary material properties, enables to control the feedback and other properties depending on the microphone’s application field, greatly facilitating the work of the sound producer. Due to the precise adhesion techniques and controlled magnetization method, Audix achieved transparency and clarity which were not present in dynamic microphones before. The same is referred to high sound pressure limit levels. The same material, but with gold plating, is also used for production of Audix condenser microphones. Numerous models were created of a single piece of metal, which increases the durability of the microphone and improves the resonance characteristics of its body.

Audix is known for Drum Pack used for recording percussion instruments. It includes the microphones with unique characteristics. D6 – the most advanced microphone for a big drum today. Drum Pack series have demonstrated excellent result in studio work. Just imagine the studio sound transferred to a concert venue – a dream came true.

The microphone is affordable for any engineer who has to stay within a budget. It’s a great studio mic.

It’s a perfect solution instead of a bundled set of different microphones. Those who select this studio mic are rewarded with the right sound reproduction.

The microphone comes in aluminum transportation case hence the person travelling with it doesn’t face risk. The specialists recommend the mic to attain rich sound.

It also performs well in a live show and in the opinion of some reviewers that result is better than its recordings.

The main cause of the choice is its affordability. It’s just fantastic to acquire excellent studio mic for just two hundred bucks.

This studio mic good for such instruments as saxophone or trumpet.

grade: 4.4/5



Beyerdynamic M160

Beyerdynamic M160
Beyerdynamic M160

The devices of the German company Beyerdynamic are known around the world. It’s one of the most established trademarks among the brands in the sphere. The company was founded in 1924 by the radio engineer Eugen Bayer, who began with the production of loudspeakers. Based on them, in 1937 he released the world’s first dynamic headphones. Moving iron speakers (earliest electric loudspeakers) were widespread at that time but those devices provided low quality – at least it was worse than dynamic mics. The first dynamic studio microphone was released in 1939, which became the basis of the company’s concept. At the same time, his neighbor Georg Neumann believed in the perspective of condensers, so the sound engineering developed in the rivalry of ideas and companies. Today, Beyerdynamic manufactures headphones, microphones and radio microphone systems, conference systems and equipment for simultaneous translation. The equipment is produced in Germany and assembly of gear is performed manually for the most part.

Musicians and sound engineers value the brand primarily for concert microphones and radio microphone systems. However, it produces studio equipment as well.

Being a dynamic, ribbon handheld microphone belongs to unique devices because usually, ribbon mic features the figure-8 pattern. Opposing them, this one presents hypercardioid pattern. It means that it’s suitable for recording situations when other ribbon mics can’t be used. It is also advised to pair it with other microphone for midside recording and better results.

The device was created to record the vocals, saxophone and other wind instruments. The specialists recommend using it for overheads.

The price tag exceeds five hundred dollars but it provides incredible audio so the consumers are sure that it’s worth it. Some pair it with SM57 or other M160 for warmer tone. The possibilities are actually endless so why not try different variants? These experiments in search of best combo will pay off eventually. The sound is thick and crunchy and customers love it, while some of them still complain when they want to avoid its coloring. They assure that it can’t be used as all-rounder and its purposes are limited for this reason. If clarity is a priority, the condenser should be tried.

Buying the ribbon microphone, one should take into account the low sensitivity of the gear. It’s actually typical for ribbon mics. Therefore more attention should be paid to preamps needed to deliver required result.

It’s worth noting the unusual shape of these devices. Some even wonder if there’s enough place for ribbon in such small ball. The sound is gentle and warm in comparison with cheap ribbon microphones.

It seems to be a perfect bargain. The customers don’t complain about the noise.

grade: 3.8/5



Blue Yeti Pro USB Microphone

(Read review Blue Yeti Pro)

Blue Microphones Yeti Pro
Blue Yeti

Incredible versatility is the main advantage of this device. When many consumers rack their brains over the question of what connectivity to prefer, this device offers it all! Those who need XLR-type device, can resort to it with ease. However, in case a simpler solution is required and the person wants to record something fast to upload to video service, then the USB option comes to help. Therefore, the microphone became a hit among video streamers, podcasters, musicians and many others. It suits multiple recording situations.

Though it has features of USB-mic, it still provides a more advanced level. Usually the consumers resort to such feature when CD-level is sufficient. But the result delivered by this device doesn’t go into comparison with all other microphones. It stands out from the rest as the quality of recording is better. It became possible thanks to capturing at higher resolution enabling reflect more details. Consequently, the files’ size becomes automatically larger.

The person employs USB jack when an immediate computer file is needed. But one should understand that the possibilities of post-processing are limited then. Use the XLR option not to be devoid of this possibility. Isn’t it better to contribute efforts to a recording that can be processed and improved afterwards? It depends upon the circumstances. Sometimes the faster result is more important, but in other situations, the better quality is a priority. With this microphone, the person has a choice and decides how to record the performance. People usually have two devices for different goals but this device unites both of them. The consumer pays once and acquires an excellent variant for one price. But it’s just the beginning. Multiple mic’s polar patterns make the device irreplaceable. It offers easily adjustable patterns. The mic is either unidirectional, omni or figure-8 – the choice depends upon the source recorded. Just switch on the pattern needed to get a clear sound without noise in the background. The stereo mode present in the device also says about unique nature of this microphone. Generally, most microphones are mono.

The device is rather weighty and solid therefore it’s convenient when positioned on the desk before a speaking or performing person. The design is rather interesting and mostly loved by customers. The microphone is conveniently placed on the stand, which helps to make it steady and durable.

It’s rather sensitive and provides minimum distortions. It’ s rather sensitive and delivers clear sound. The functionality of the microphone is rather rich. It’s provided with light indicators, volume for better control.

The pro version is associated with professional sound and this is what we expect from the item when we hear the name. Numerous reviews of consumers demonstrate how fantastic the model is.

grade: 4.0/5



Neumann TLM 103

Neumann TLM 103
Neumann TLM 103

Many consumers long for the device. Who doesn’t want to own such an iconic item? Especially, audiophiles and those who take their musical careers seriously.

The quality is always the priority for them, so there’s nothing surprising that such a choice is done easily.

TLM102 went on sale in 2010 at affordable pricetag, which is a wonder in itself for this brand. As a result, it attracted attention of many people – those who dreamt of their own Neumann for a long time and others who always knew about the iconic status of the microphone. It seems incredible that something perceived as exclusive is made as a mass product but still it happened. The device at a low price was made without compromising its quality and without transfer of production to China as other manufactures do to reduce their expenditures. Buying this microphone, the consumer is sure that it’s of the same level but it’s done within the different budget groups. All microphones under the trademark are produced in Germany with accuracy known there. Its Amazon price is about $700, which is actually the cost of its production.

Its work is incredible and reproduction of voice excels even 103 model that comes after it but its price is 2 times much. When consumers compare these two models even when watching the tests online, all admit that cheap model excels the next one in quality.

Usually, the manufacturer uses cheaper materials for production and the result is not so budget-consuming, consequently, it costs less. But this time the company acted in a different way. The size of output considerably increased. Additionally, automated processes were employed to decrease the price of the microphone.

It’s possible to buy the microphone in silver color and black color. It’s recommended to purchase the microphone along with a spider to save some money on it. First of all, this is less pricy. Secondly, it’s required to get rid of vibrations. Thirdly, compatibility of the spider and the microphone is necessary, so one will make a mistake when he buys these components separately. It’s safe to buy a spider with a mic.

The microphone was developed by engineers to record the vocal and instrumental performance. The reproduction sounds elegant. It may seem that LDM devices are used as studio mics, but unexpectedly such nice work was done by the device described here. There’s some nobleness about the voice when the studio records with this studio mic. The construction of the microphone is exceptional. It’s so good that it manages to eliminate all problems during speech easily. The speech defects aren’t noticed with such technical assistant at disposal. It’s distinctive and clear thanks to this technical solution. The consumers don’t have to acquire the popshield as this item is embedded providing fantastic results.

Even those who record basses are happy about the way it behaves. It doesn’t notice large volume and copes with work easily. If there’s task to separate the performer from the instrumental music recorded simultaneously, this isn’t a problem.

grade: 4.4/5



Sennheiser MD 421 II

Sennheiser MD421 II
The best choice

Folks looking for excellence in sounding should buy this item. It belongs to the family of dynamic studio mics and known for a calm and warm tone, which is actually not so bright and muffled a bit. One can find the appearance a bit cheap because the body of the microphone is made of plastic. The price category isn’t low therefore there’s some incongruity about it. However, it performs perfectly when suppresses the noise, therefore, it suits perfectly when one records non-studio podcast.

As for the volume, the microphone is able to handle almost any of it, even the one that can hardly be found anywhere. The parameters of SPL handling don’t even reveal all its potential, which is huge. Taking into account this fact, the microphone is a good variant for the recording music in all its variety. Such kinds of music as rap, hip hop, hard metal vocals require special tools that would reflect the sound in all its nuances and details. MD421-II suits perfectly for it. Rare studio mics are used for recordings of drums so this microphone enters a small group of such devices. The microphone isn’t only SPL-tolerant, it’s incredibly solid and robust.

Pay attention to the pattern of the microphone before the purchase. The studio mic is highly demanded when it’s unidirectional.

The person will necessarily need the pop-filter and probably the shockmount used against vibrations.

Studio mic’s qualities are impressive. Some consumers select it as basic to work with. The design is recognizable. The microphone looks futuristic a little. Many studios around the world have purchased the item to use as a studio mic, so it became a sort of a staple.

The customers are usually not satisfied with a clip – it features horrible design. It’s breakable and not convenient at all. Also, the off-axis response isn’t so good. Sometimes the consumers complain about difficulties during positioning of studio mic.

The vocal performance is bright in all aspects and the microphone shines in any situation when capturing the source.

It’s an excellent piece of gear that would be a great addition to your home studio. Some consumers find the price reasonable, others – consider it too costly.

It comes in a hardbox. When the person acquires the device, one should understand that it’s not a universal microphone. In case all-rounder is needed, other model is preferable. But this microphone is useful for particular situations so it’s remarkable for a range of applications. It’s of high value then.

The studio mic is outstanding when male vocals are captured. It’s perfect when paired with the other microphone. The choice of second studio microphone depends upon the goal pursued.

In general, it’s equally good for live performance and studio use.

grade: 4.8/5



Shure SM57

Shure SM57
Shure SM57

The devices of this brand are frequently purchased for live performance though some models are suitable for studio recording. It’s the staple for vocals around the world. If this is the first time the potential buyer hears about this microphone, it’s just the beginning of the person’s acquaintance with right microphones for studios. He’ll definitely hear about some form or shape of microphone from this manufacturer. These are the basic instruments all musicians and musical amateurs are aware about.

There are so many reviews of the microphone that it seems that the world doesn’t require any more. It’s a classic and all are aware of its value. But those who just enter the world of music, should be aware of details. Let’s pay tribute to this microphone once again and look closer at it.

This dynamic unidirectional device handles high volumes quite easily and the sound remains accurate at that. The natural capturing is one of its advantages.

The microphone suits the advanced users and the novices. It’s rather versatile so any consumer would be happy to have such device. It’s not surprising that these studio microphones dominate the market. The reader probably knows about their frequent use for live performances. Some vocalists use it exclusively for the vocals. However, it can be used for recording of vocal and instrumental performance. The number of reviews is endless in online stores and almost all are positive. The microphone is highly assessed by consumers.

The legendary microphone should enter the arsenal of studios and tools for musicians. Many of them have several microphones so it’s a must have. Taking into account its status, the microphone has a low price. It catches highs and lows without obstacles.

The unidirectional microphone pattern is helpful as it separates the performance from background noise. The musicians can use three four microphones for drums in the studio or other untreated space to distinguish them as separate sources of sound while recording.

The microphone is robust and its build is superb – just the right solution for studio where gear is handled from one singer to another. The microphone is produced of pleasant material and the cost is attractive taking into account that it’s built to last long. Despite its durability, the owner shouldn’t abuse the device. It’s necessary to take care of any gear whether using it in home studio or on concerts.

The microphone is not broken when dropped but it’s still not recommended to do to produce the impression upon the audience on live shows. There’s probability that it can require repairs in this case. All parts of the microphone are easily replaced.

Choosing the right studio mics for home recording, don’t be obsessed with price aspect. There are certainly cheaper alternatives but they can’t be compared with this incredible microphone. There is an opportunity to select the device that matters much in musical industry. Why not take advantage of it?

It’s a standard used in thousands of recordings around the globe. Some consider that microphone’s sound is harsh, but there is different opinion as well.

The studio mic is appropriate for novices who don’t have special treatment at home studio as it doesn’t record the surrounding noise. It’s a flawless option for acoustic guitar.

Though studio mic doesn’t require adjustment just because of its simplicity (no adjustment buttons), it still sounds perfect. It’s not complicated in comparison with other studio mics for home recording. It’s perfect in its easiness.

Select this awesome microphone to take advantage of its superior sound and accuracy. It performs perfectly recording in the studio. It shows fantastic potential for home amateur projects. The device will never disappoint the audiophile.

grade: 3.6/5



Shure Beta 91A

Shure Beta 91A
Shure Beta 91A

The device sounds amazing. It’s hard to beat it in performance in contrast to other types of microphones. The studio mic is perfect for miking drums and other instruments as well. The high-quality performance is guaranteed when the person uses the device.

It’s simple to use the microphone, but it’s not something usually acquired for home use. As a rule, the purchase is made by professional studio. As it works mainly with drums, it’s not a microphone for home recording. The buyers of such gear are studio owners. It’s used for recording in specific situations. It’s not a universal microphone for recording.

And it’s a good buy! The build is excellent – it’s very well made. The look is also fabulous.

The device is rather heavy and solid. Though the microphone is expensive, it’s still a wonderful solution for all those who want to wake up their kick drum. After the purchase, the instruments sound live again. The microphone works with unbelievable clarity capturing the real sound of the instruments. Those who need to mike a grand piano can put the device into it. Such tricks are performed during home studio recording as well.

The studio mic switcher can be set in two positions. The option enables the reduction of sensitivity on mids and lows.

The microphone presents the capability to handle high SPLs.

The microphone is connected with XLR-cable. So purchasing the device, the person will have to acquire additional equipment for a home studio.

The studio mic is delivered in a box that includes a soft pouch where the microphone should be stored.

grade: 3.8/5




It’s hard for different brands to maintain a solid reputation in the demanding world of sound, but many of them carry this burden with dignity serving millions of audio fans around the globe. Some of them fail, others come to substitute them, but there is always a good selection of the best studio microphones on sale. The task of the consumer is to detect the most appropriate studio mic for the purposes required. One should evaluate the purchase on different aspects: regard the construction and looks of the microphone. The person should be aware of what musical performers say about the best studio microphones, how the different models work in diverse recording situations and ambiance. It’s also challenging to find a good balance between the price tag and quality.

The article offered here doesn’t include studio microphones of low quality. We handpicked only superb samples of equipment for home studio. It should be helpful for all those who are eager to buy a superb device. Study the guide to determine the optimal home studio recording microphones and purchase the right mic!

If it’s hard to determine the best studio mic even after reading this article, find the buyers’ reviews online.

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