Razer Seiren Elite microphone review

Razer Seiren Elite

The Razer Seiren Elite is a microphone designed to stream. It is ideal for everyone and everyone in this matter, but you can immediately give a recommendation to those who deal with streams professionally to focus on this model. It’s all about the high price, which makes the model redundant for beginners and amateurs. The model is characterized by interesting technical parameters and high quality in general, which is noted for all consumer reviews. In general, Razer Seiren Elite is not for the purposes that I usually do, but is of professional interest. Like all the unknown. Therefore, here is my review.


Razer is a brand manufacturer of products for the gaming industry. This determines the style of presentation of products in detail. Aggressiveness, modernity, energy are the driving tools of the company’s style. This is already evident in the microphone box.

A full-length microphone is shown on the front side. Above it is the manufacturer’s logo and the approval mark of the streamer community. Under the microphone image are: model name, positioning and recommended programs for broadcasting. On the back side are the key features of the model, represented by three separate images. Under the images is a multilingual translation.

The contents are secured by a warranty seal, the integrity of which must be compromised before removing the Razer Seiren Elite.

The interior design of the box is also spectacular. There is a microphone case separately, as well as a case for accessories. The package includes company branded stickers, user manual, USB cable and wind protection made of foam.

The microphone itself is made in black. It is stylish, verified to the smallest detail, but simple enough. The microphone itself has an elongated rectangular shape, and the base is made in the form of a round platform. The entire body is made of metal, and this gives a serious advantage in the context of aesthetics, durability and impact resistance.

Functional elements

On the side facing the source, there are three active elements: the volume control, the microphone sensitivity control and the mute button. The mute button allows you to quickly turn off the signal transmitted to the microphone. The operating mode is determined by the color of the indicator. Red means no sound, and green indicates presence. Gain is responsible for smoothly amplifying the input signal. Volume is a volume control responsible for the sound level in the headphones that connect to the microphone at the bottom of the case.

At the base of the Razer Seiren Elite is a 3.5 mm audio interface, a micro USB connector and a high-pass filter button.

Razer Seiren Pro Elite XLR USB

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Razer Seiren Elite
Razer Seiren Elite

grade: 4.3/5


First steps

Razer Seiren Elite connects to your computer easily. The connection is intuitive, but you can study the user manual if necessary.

Using the operating system, adjust the microphone sensitivity; for the Razer Seiren Elite, it is recommended to set the level to 100%, and carry out further settings directly on the microphone. The microphone is immediately ready for use; additional software is not required for its operation.

Application and sound

So, the mic is designed for gaming broadcasts. The microphone is insignificant, but clearly loses in all respects to studio models when tested for complex tasks, but it is not designed for this. In general, the quality gap is not very large, and this serves as an indicator of the value of the device. For recording music, for example, it is absolutely not suitable. This clearly demonstrates the clear focus of developers on the target niche of application.

And at home, Razer Seiren Elite opens up the features in all its glory. Speech sounds very accurate and distinct in almost any environment. It is highly recommended to use wind protection, as it significantly reduces the influence of external noise.


Razer Seiren Elite is an excellent microphone for speech and live broadcasts, which very effectively helps you play online or record game streams. Each functional element of the device serves this purpose. The voice always sounded clear and without distortion if you use the device for its intended purpose. Complete wind protection perfectly cuts off extraneous sounds. Together with fine-tuning the sensitivity of the microphone, you can achieve excellent sound. For studio or concert musical tasks, the microphone is not significantly applicable.

The construction is very stable, and the new material in the base dampens the vibration better. At your disposal is a first-class device for broadcasting and voice recording. If you need a professional broadcast work tool, check out the Razer Seiren Elite Microphone.

Features and characteristics

  • specialized development for professional gaming and streaming
  • easy setup
  • shockproof case and stylish all-metal form factor
  • anti-vibration stand
  • wind protection
  • precise input sensitivity control

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