Sennheiser E935 Microphone Review

Sennheiser E935 Microphone Review

The consumers looking for a handheld microphone should pay attention to Sennheiser e935. Comparing it with other mics, it’s worth noting that it’s a rather powerful, balanced device with super cardioid pattern. It’s not a pretentious device at all and can be used for male and female vocal voices equally well. The natural sound is achieved thanks to its pickup cardioid pattern.

It was developed for professionals who travel much and need a robust microphone for this purpose. This mic delivers all that along with dynamic and natural detailed sound. The quality of the microphone is superb. Besides, it’s reliable and offers excellent rejection.

If you look at the microphone, you won’t see anything special. Its appearance is rather ordinary but the features offered by it make the product worthy. Working fantastically in the field, the device serves the same purpose as legendary Shure SM58. However, it’s still special – just look at its characteristics. The sound is reproduced differently then and this creates a competitive edge in a model.

Sennheiser E935
Sennheiser E935

grade: 4.8/5



The Build

The model enters the series Evolution 900 manufactured by Sennheiser. As was said above it was produced to be taken on the road therefore it’s solid, reliable and durable. The microphone is made of metal. Having advanced construction, it’s rugged and not very heavy at the same time. Taking this into account, it’s not problematic to carry it everywhere.

The perfect construction of the microphone can be mentioned as a strong feature. If the mic is dropped by accident, there’s nothing terrible in it. It will still perform well as if it wasn’t abused at all. The accidental drops shouldn’t damage the device. At least, the manufacturer tried his best to make the model withstand all hazards and physical abuse.

The Features

The microphone looks like one of the simple mics. E935 performs as many quality microphones in the sphere. The device with cardioid pattern is able to reject ambient noise thus creating excellent sound. It also features a wider frequency response making the microphone more sensitive to different changes and nuances. It reproduces sound naturally therefore e935 microphone is great for the vocals.

The microphone weighs 330 grams so the user feels the mic and wants to hold it. It withstands different weather conditions and humidity as well.

The device also has standard XLR connectors. As this is a road microphone, it comes with a clip and a carrying bag.

The Sound

Recording quality
Recording quality

This is the basic characteristic of the microphone that features clarity, cleanness, and loudness. However, its sound is warm and bright in comparison with other microphones. Those who are not satisfied with the sound provided by SM58 can try Sennheiser e935. The person should care about the noise and protect the microphone from it because the sensitivity of the device makes it very vulnerable.

Self-noise is a problem of many devices and this mic is subjected to it too. Therefore, one should be rather cautious when using it. The issue can be solved when unnecessary handling and, consequently, self-noise is removed. Then the sound is smooth and has balanced brightness. It doesn’t have muddiness so the sound is not messy.


The price of the mic is reasonable. Taking into account the durable warranty of the microphone (10 years) it’s a great deal to buy the item. We compared with other microphones of this price range, it surpasses similar models.


The main advantage of the device is flawless construction. Excellent frequency response is another benefit that makes it stand out from other microphones. The device delivers high output. Outstanding vocals delivered with it are achieved thanks to its sensitivity. The person doesn’t have to pay much for powerful performance. Sometimes it’s enough to select the right gear that would deliver fabulous results. Sennheiser e935 is able to provide this for you. The realistic sound reproduction makes the mic alluring for consumers.


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