Shure MV5 mic review

Shure MV5 mic review

A compact microphone is a useful thing nowadays. The main thing is that it be universal in technical terms. Whether you record podcasts and video blogs, do creative work with an acoustic guitar in your hands or chat online with people you are talking to, a solution like the Shure MV5 will definitely come in handy.

This is a very stylish ball-shaped microphone that is ideal for working with Apple devices. It will provide the user with several recording modes and decent quality in almost any working environment (do not require only a studio sound level, this is not a niche for professionals). For use, you do not need to have professional skills, just connect it to your laptop, tablet or smartphone, install the software, and start an audio stream or sound recording directly to your device or the cloud!

Connection and design

When recording sound, an important factor is the compatibility of devices. I am in a hurry to please everyone because no additional adapters are required to establish a connection with Shure MV5. It is enough to use only the Lightning micro USB cable. Accordingly, to connect a Mac or PC you will need the usual microUSB option. The gadget complies with the magic Plug & Play standard. It is enough for the user to connect, start the application and everything is ready to work.

The issue of transportation is not worth it; it is enough to evaluate the model once. This microphone is very compact and convenient to carry wherever you are. At the same time, the design is very durable, and Shure MV5 takes into account the build quality at a glance.

The mic, given the aluminum stand, reaches 14 cm in height, its shape resembles a tennis ball that fits in your hand. This sphere is attached to the stand by rotating guides that look like another ball. The angle changes by attenuation. The outer side of the microphone is made of black plastic with red elements, or you can purchase a silver-black version.

Despite the plastic, the mic does not creak during the tests, does not play, and small crash tests showed that the unusual design seemed to be conceived not primarily from the position of the original design, but additional impact resistance. This impression arises immediately. Summing up the subtotal, this is the perfect companion for your podcast on the go and at home.

Shure MV5

Shure MV5
Shure MV5

grade: 4.1/5


Technical issues

Shure MV5 boasts headphone monitoring, which allows you to calibrate your own voice in real-time. For this task, a 3.5 mm output is provided. Volume control is also supported. It is interesting that there are a number of expensive models of similar purpose, which cannot boast of similar functionality.

The mute button in Shure MV5 is located on the rear panel, where all the other functional elements are located. Its place is directly below the DSP key, designed to switch recording modes. On the other hand, this format fits perfectly into the format of an unusual miniature device, and the buttons on the front panel could ditch the visual component.

For iOS users, Shure provided a specialized Motiv application that works with all the manufacturer’s products that support iOS. The program allows you to virtually configure the microphone, change recording modes, tighten the equalizer, change compression, and perform other adjustments. Hand pressing DSP on the back cover will help the user to adjust vocals, surrounds, musical instruments, and so on. In addition, Motiv functions in parallel with other recording applications.

Sound review

Recording quality
Recording quality

We pass to the most important element of the review. And here Shure MV5 is 100% impressive. It will make an ideal substitute for any integrated microphone. The sound is amazingly clean, crispy, while, as we wrote above, they are easily regulated due to DSP or additional application settings. At the same time, the sound is easily protected from noisy environments. By the way, in the case of Shure MV5 you do not need specialized filters for recording. All is well and there is nothing more to add.


Shure MV 5 costs about $ 100 excluding the color option. It perfectly shows itself when working with iOS and Mac devices, can monitor headphones, change recording modes, and also has a wide range of virtual settings. In addition, this gadget is not without style, compactness. It will be very difficult to find the best assistant in the simplest recording with a similar price/quality ratio. Personally, I recommend stopping your choice here if you have read and accepted all of the above.

Characteristics and features

  • Easy integration with portable devices
  • Perfect for podcasting, music and video chats
  • Ultra-compact dimensions
  • No interference and noise
  • Clear and crisp sound
  • Affordable price
  • Cardioid pattern
  • PC, Mac, iOS and Android compatible
  • 3 built-in DSP presets
  • 20 – 20,000 Hz frequency range
  • What’s in the box: Micro-B / USB and Micro-B / Lightning cable

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