Sennheiser E945 Microphone Review

Sennheiser E945 Microphone Review

The microphone enters e900 Sennheiser series so it can be hard to understand how Sennheiser e945 differs from its siblings. Though they are similar in many things still they differ a little bit, so the consumers should understand this difference basing upon descriptions and reviews of customers. For instance, e945 is known for presenting enhanced pickup raising the quality level of the mic. The reviewed device is also more sensitive than its little brother e935 though it’s also dynamic and suits the vocal singers for live performance. This Sennheiser e945 review reveals more information that will help you decide upon its purchase or, on the contrary, refuse from it.

The Build

The rugged construction of the mic makes the device durable. It’s able to withstand even hard abuse though it’s still advised to handle such gear carefully. The microphones made for the stage are tough as a rule so this mic fits the stage use. It’s reasonable heaviness and sturdiness only contributes to its popularity. The mic is made of metal. That means that it won’t be damaged after sudden fall.

The shock-mounted capsule contained in a mic removes the annoyance noise giving unpleasant experience to the listeners.

Using the mic, the person can attach it to a mic stand with a clip.

It’s convenient to take the device on the road as it comes with a very convenient pouch protecting the Sennheiser microphone.

Sennheiser e945
Sennheiser e945
  • A dynamic handheld mic;
  • Solid built, made of metal components;
  • Supercardioid device perfectly isolates noise and ambient sounds;
  • 10-year warranty.

grade: 4.8/5



The features

Sennheiser e945 is easy to use. It’s enough to switch on the device to start using it. There are no unneeded functions or buttons on it. But its simplicity works for it. The users know that they don’t have to worry about the switches. Even the beginning performer can cope with such equipment.

It’s worth noting the compactness of the device as its weight doesn’t exceed 13 ounces.

It’s possible to use the microphone enjoying freedom of movement. The power supply isn’t needed. People love its flexibility when moving around, especially musicians who want to be closer to the audience during performance. At the same time, it’s necessary to be behind the microphone to deliver the clarity of sound.

The sound

It’s better to try Sennheiser model after SM58 to make sure that it works perfectly. The mud disappears after you stop using Shure model and start using e945. The vocal performance is always bright with it. The one doesn’t need to use EQ to get a good result. The microphone uses supercardioid pattern that contributes to higher quality of sound. The signals are picked up 115 degrees off the axis compared to 130 degrees of the cardioid pattern, but the pickup is more focused then. Tighter pickup creates a crystal clear sound as well. At the same time, it removes all noise that doesn’t enter the area.

Humbucking coil of Sennheiser e945 is also very helpful in this respect. It eliminates noise that spoils the quality of recording.

The manufacturer employed the special construction with neodymium ferrous magnet included to make the device more sensitive. Compared to the previous model in the line it has better high end that is pleasant to hear. Also, width range improves with it. The sound is rather warm and nice.  Even uneven quality of sound from the source gets smoother.


Taking into account the durability of the microphone and its excellent performance, Sennheiser e945 is worth every penny spent on it. It’s built like a tank. The price exceeds $200, but one doesn’t have to worry about the clarity of sound and this is worth much.


As it was said already in this review, the microphone is great for live stage performances. It’s possible to reduce the handling noise of this Sennheiser model considerably, while the output is amazing. The microphone is versatile and can be used for diverse goals, not for singing only. The device is great for the money.  People with powerful vocals can get the most of this device. Accurate reproduction of voice is guaranteed with this mic. This fantastic product is irreplaceable for live situations.


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