The Best Headphones with Microphone

The Best Headphones with Microphone

Standalone headphones microphone is necessary for a streamer who want to take their activity to a new level. The device is needed for business calls and excellent performance on the move. Video calling and teleconference are also impossible without these accessories. The intended use of headphones microphone is wide, but the functionality and performance differs considerably depending upon the goals set and conditions surrounding the person. The one working in a noisy environment needs the best headphones with built in excellent microphone. The gear should suppress the noise of the loud office regardless of the fact how loud it is. This is very important for huge companies and employees concluding contracts on phone every day. With microphone of supreme level and best headphone quality the interlocutors are not irritated with some background unclear rumble. It’s possible to create the feel of closeness even when the parties are located in different parts of the country or the world. Just care about the fabulous gear and best work is guaranteed!

The Best Headphones with Mic

Different categories of clients are looking for device with microphone. Best buy is a product that meets the requirements of the target group. The notion of ‘the best’ differs from one customer to another. When a common person travels much, he might need a lightweight gear with limited set of functions, while a person from the contact call service may need more advanced device with built in additional features.

Audio-Technica BPHS1

Audio-Technica BPHS1
Audio-Technica BPHS1

All are aware that broadcast headset surpassed boom arms in many issues therefore numerous gamers and video content creators have chosen this device. This item is really worth its price. Headphones with microphone can considerably improve your audio. Therefore it’s worth the investment. Some even call it a cost-effective professional option after comparing the headset with other alternatives. Those who work on a budget, end up with this model as this is the best buy for them. The item can boast of excellent sound. The videographers love the fact that side and rear noise is adequate. It can be easily removed in treated conditions. The cables of the device are long enough for stretching across the room. The specialists assure that they could spend two times as much on more expensive best headset but the quality would be just a little better. It would be hardly distinguishable to a layman’s ear.

The headset also has an excellent build.

It even provides good result in terrible acoustics environment, for instance, in front of the audience producing much background noise, with ton of echo from floors, walls and ceiling. There is no sound deadening even under the conditions and this is amazing. There’s no need to upgrade as it solves audio issue. Almost each review was positive. All were happy about the best investment into the headset. The device was praised for:

  • Brilliant highs
  • Rich, punchy and exceptionally clear bass
  • Great balance
  • Best build microphone headphones

The headset is criticized for:

  • Slightly small earcups
  • Not comfortable enough
  • There’s not enough padding in headphones with built in microphone.

grade: 4.4/5




Bose QuietComfort 35 II

Bose QuietComfort 35 II
The best choice

The device sounds great for most customers. Perfect noise cancellation and stable sound contribute to great result. The headset is incredibly comfortable. The combination of wireless operation and fantastic noise cancellation is so rare nowadays. Many doubt that flawless audio of Bluetooth equipment is possible. But this device presents such combo to us.

The headset became unique as it integrated Google’s voice assistant. But introducing this innovative feature enabling the possibility to hear notifications read to you without taking smartphone out of the pocket. In this way, phone headphones with microphone alleviate certain things for users but at the same time it ousted other useful features so the consumers find the device without such features as instant mute, auto play/pause.

The button of GoogleAssistant is placed on the left headphone. It functions fast and accurately. There are two color variations of headphones, which come in silver and black. But the design is rather standard. There’s nothing extraordinary about it, so it’s suitable for business goals. Those who need something impressive instead, won’t be satisfied with headphones design.

The plastic build looks cheap for some consumers who don’t associate this material with high-class commodity. However, it makes the headphones lighter and this characteristic makes the device suitable for durable wear. The headset rejects background noise perfectly. Rejection works amazingly even when noise cancellation isn’t switched on. It helps to save battery power considerably.

The voice pickup is performed well even in the noisy ambience. It’s also worth mentioning simplicity of the app.

grade: 4.4/5




Plantronics Voyager Focus B825

Plantronics Voyager Focus B825
Plantronics Voyager Focus B825

Any customer looking for the best gear, should pay attention to B825. The headphones offer a good range. The device with solid stereo audio obtained thanks to superb built in microphones provides excellent voice reception and transmission.

The device is capable to answer the phone automatically. The person is able to answer the phone on the headset when he walked away with the head unit.

The headphones have comfortable earcups with leather cushions. It can be hot to wear them in summer.

The item is reviewed positively, as a rule. However, there’re some complaints concerning their construction. According to the opinions of some consumers, the headphones are built to be handled with care. They are fragile and the cup of the earphones can easily come off.

The battery life is long enough to chat all day without breaks. Headphones with 2 inch boom is placed into a convenient cradle. It’s accurate and great for charging the device.

The mic is much better Bluetooth option than other alternatives. The model is easily adjustable on the head. People working on client calls 8 hours a day consider that these are the best headphones with microphone. The gear doesn’t hurt ears, doesn’t squash them and doesn’t cause headache even when it’s on for the whole day.

The microphone of the model is excellent. It’s able to block out most background noise. Customers looking for the best sound, with excellent clarity on the other end, should acquire these headphones. If this is the main intended use, it’s the best buy for them.

grade: 3.8/5




AKG Y500 – Bluetooth on-ear headphones

AKG Y500
AKG Y500

The device is delivered in a beautiful package. It’s compact and nicely designed. The model even received the award for its design. It comes in different color variants, but regardless of your choice, they are all finished with chrome. The battery life is incredibly long – the headset can be used for 33 hours of talking and music playback. When the battery dies, it can be charged within 2.5 hours.

The earpads are convenient thanks to memory foam. They are well padded with it. Even long listening sessions don’t cause any problems. Besides, good padding delivers excellent isolation from the outside world.

Functionality is one of the benefits of the Y500. Despite simplicity, it’s ergonomic enough. The buttons are conveniently located on different earcups. The left one offers control of volume and pause/playback, while the right cup is responsible for power and ambient aware. It’s very simple to discern the buttons by touch.

The possibility to connect two devices to the headphones makes it the best option for travelers. If the person travels with a laptop and listens to music from it, it’s possible to receive calls from the smartphone as well, speaking via microphone.

Metal and plastic are used for production of headband’s arms but the model is built well and has solid construction. The metal component in a headband has markers for users to know that both ends are equally extended. It’s easy to adjust the fit of headphones thanks to the capability of earcups to pivot in all directions. The user can easily answer the calls with help of built-in microphone.

grade: 4.1/5




Sennheiser HD 4.40 BT

Sennheiser HD 4.40 BT
Sennheiser HD 4.40 BT

This is a very versatile device that is suitable for different cases. Though it’s not the best in any usage but the headphones offer great sound, which can be easily customized with EQ to suit any person. The earcups have everything necessary with built in microphone and intuitive control buttons.

There’s another device in the line of the company with exactly the same features (HD4.50BTNC), but it’s produced without noise cancellation. It also explains why the price is cheap in comparison with other models in the line.

The rating of the device is really incredible. When the consumers rate its sound, comfort, performance, value and design, almost all points get the highest scores. Customers especially like the price as the performance is too good for the money paid. It’s actually one of the lowest for the model with such advanced features taken into account that it was manufactured by the leading brand.

During the purchase the model comes with a charging cable and soft carry bag. However, the model was developed for travelers therefore headphones with a hard case would be the better option to protect the device.

Though the sound profile of headphones is not flawless, still audiophiles are satisfied with result achieved. Best device makes the music amazing for ears and the model comes with the task. The microphone handles its work easily as well. The acoustic audio is balanced and neutral.

The headphones with soft padding are very comfortable. The person can wear the device all day in the office and even sleep with them on the ears. It’s definitely the best buy – a perfect budget option for any consumer.

grade: 3.9/5




SteelSeries Arctis 7 Wireless

SteelSeries Arctis 7 Wireless
SteelSeries Arctis 7 Wireless

When the company updated its popular line of gaming headsets, a new model appeared that stands out from the rest. It has pleasant look, best audio, and performance without delay. The base of a headband is a flexible metal plate. An elastic band is used to evenly distribute the weight of the headphones. The solution provides a comfortable fit and automatic adjustment to the user’s head within a wide range. The tape can be removed and washed if needed. The cups are attached to the headband with help of frames with hinged mechanisms at the ends, which gives the cups sufficient angle of rotation around the horizontal and vertical axes to ensure a good fit.

The ear cushions are made of AirWeave’s proprietary material, which provides good ventilation and isolation from external noise. The impressive size of the ear cushions allows ears to feel comfortable even after long listening sessions – the pressure is distributed evenly.

The left cup is provided with microphone, which is retractable. The cup also contains a minijack connector for connecting a second pair of headphones, a Micro USB connector for charging, a UC-E6 connector for wired connection using the supplied cable, a volume control for headphones, and a microphone button.

The right cup includes the power button and the Chat Mix balance control. The device is well built. Everything is made neatly, without looseness. The way it’s built and its material assure us in reliability of the model.

The user can do the following things:

  • adjust the sound using a six-band equalizer,
  • listen to own voice from the headphone microphone,
  • set the automatic shutdown time when idle etc.

The model features a ClearCast bidirectional headphones microphone, neat design and Windows Sonic surround sound technology. Ear pads made of AirWeave fabric and a quick headband adjustment allow to customize headphones in a wide range and make their use as comfortable as possible.

grade: 4.0/5




Mpow Jaws

Mpow Jaws
Mpow Jaws

High quality and low price – isn’t it all we dream about? Such rare combination is offered to us with this incredible device. It’s very simple but at the same time a well built item.

The headphones are incredibly cheap but there’re no negative reviews. The sound is loud and good, the durability of performance is excellent. All characteristics correspond to what was claimed by the producer. There are no super features in the model. The model was made for comfort of the user.

This model attracts attention among conventionally urban models. These are wireless headphones where controls are hidden in special tips. On the one hand, it makes the device heavier and makes the model convenient for athletes, but on the other hand, it increases its autonomy, makes it easier to control the item. The buttons are easily accessed while the tips or droplets are easily attached with a magnetic catch not to hang loose.

The headphones are a great choice for the city and walking in urban conditions when loud environment frequently creates obstacles for clear communication and excellent sound quality. The portable device delivers stable sound and features comfortable fit. Those who need headphones with the best fit at a cheap price, should consider this headset with microphone. It’s more convenient than most typical in-ears.

One shouldn’t expect much from this model but it’s certainly better than most within its price range. Therefore, it was included to the list as a cheap option for those who are on a budget and can’t afford more expensive gear.

grade: 4.1/5




Mpow 071 USB headset

Mpow 071 USB
Mpow 071 USB

Just imagine how hard it is for people to spend working days on the phone if there’s no convenient headset with microphone at disposal? Such experience is hardly tolerable with built in microphone of poor quality. Even expensive professional best headphones don’t provide guarantee of premium comfort. It’s almost impossible to cater to all people’s needs. However, sometimes interesting solutions appear on the market. They beat all their contenders in value and quality and surprisingly fit most consumers. Even if there’re drawbacks, their flaws are easily excusable because of the price asked for the device. Being amazingly cheap, the headphones provide decent audio, though they seem to be developed for work. The device is the best when used for this goal. It also has the best headphone ear pads, covering the entire ear fully. It’s connected to the computer with USB cord. Despite the fact that headphones microphone is located on the left side of the face, the voice is clearly heard.

The device is recognized immediately after you plug it into the computer. There’s no need to install additional drivers for that.

The cushion on the top of the headpiece makes it the best buy. Headphones at such price are really a present.

grade: 4.1/5




Naztech NX80

Naztech NX80
Naztech NX80

It’s just hard to imagine the product cheaper than that. It’s exceptional for the price. The audio is good if the device is compared with similar alternatives. The item features fairly quick charging.

It’s even surprising that the consumers are able to acquire the solid products for such price. The device is built well and doesn’t have significant weaknesses. The customers don’t expect to discover the headphones with microphone of decent quality therefore the item becomes a revelation for them.

The reduction of price became possible thanks to lower expenditures on production of products. When the manufacturing costs are low, the customers are able to enjoy affordable devices at incredibly low prices. This is done without compromising quality. People looking for devices with microphone for work at reasonable price, can rejoice. This model will meet their demands. The headphones microphone is decent for making phone calls.

The model arrives a beautiful packaging with additional accessories included such as a little carrying pound, a hook for connection to a belt clip. The item is a great fit. The earpieces come in multiple sizes.

NX80 is also liked for long battery life. It’s the best audio headset with a pricetag lower than $30.

In case the level of performance doesn’t deteriorate and remains the same for a long time, then this the best buy. Headphones are made of plastic but they look rather impressive. The design of a headset with microphone is stylish.

The cord is long enough and tangle-free. The performance of built-in headphones microphone is exceptional. Even when the conditions are not the best, it’s possible to speak freely without complications. The isolation is superb and contributes to higher clarity in communication.

The audiophile won’t like the result if they are going to listen to music. Even best headphone of such class isn’t able to deliver all nuances, basses and other details. Built in microphone works perfectly when different goal is pursued.

grade: 3.5/5




Sony MDRXB950BT/B Extra

Sony MDRXB950BT Extra
Sony MDRXB950BT Extra

The company became known for its audio equipment in the 1950-s. Then it created Walkman players, which became a signature product of the company for several decades. Additionally, the company produces

  • TV sets
  • Game consoles
  • Smartphones
  • Cameras etc.

But its wireless products should be studied closely. The model presented in the list is a full-size headphones-headset with passive noise reduction. They are produced in black color with red inserts between the cup and the ear cushion. The headband is covered with leather only on the bottom. There are massive ear cushions about three centimeters thick. They are made of soft, pleasant leather and filled with Memory Foam material. The pads are thick enough, therefore headphones microphone rejects the external noise effectively. The headphones are foldable and can be easily transported if needed.

The headphones are not only wireless. It’s possible to connect the device via cable. However, the cabled version is suitable for listening music only. It doesn’t transmit phone signal then.

Even distribution of functional buttons on headphone earcups deserve the praise.

The built in NFC module is located on the right side of the headset, which helps you quickly and easily connect headphones with a smartphone or tablet. The sensor is very convenient, the device can be connected to it blindly. From the very first attempt everything works perfectly, the headphones are instantly connected. The large soft ear cushions of the headset are comfortable.

To save power, connect headphones with a cable. The instruction offers to switch on a straight plug into the headset, and an L-shaped one into the playback device. When the audio cable is connected, Bluetooth connectivity and the Bass Boost boost feature are not available. It also turns off button controls, autonomous power and a built in microphone.

Electret condenser microphone is built into the left bowl. It performs its work much better than other mics. Talking with the built-in microphone is comfortable, the other person hears you perfectly. Sometimes there is a small echo, but it does not interfere with communication.

grade: 3.9/5





What is the Difference Between a Headset and Headphones?

This is definitely not the same. The headset differs from headphones with microphone attached to the device. So the headset offers additional function. The person is able not only to hear but to answer as well thanks to the headset with a mic.

How to Get the Best Voice Quality with a Headphone Mic?

It’s better to acquire the headset that is able to suppress the ambient noise. Experiment with a microphone moving it and checking out the result. Find the best position and use it while speaking.

What is a Noise-Cancelling Microphone (and does it matter?)

The noise canceling wave is created by electronics built into headset. It erases noise and removes annoying sounds focusing on the sounds that person wants to hear. It, certainly, matters much. The person can get pleasure from music and enjoy communication on the phone.

Built-In vs. In-Line vs. Boom Microphone. Which is the best?

The boom mic moves with the user therefore it’s possible to achieve accurate sound. It’s attached to the end of the boom, so it’s always in the right position even when the person moves the head.

Inline mic is built into the cable and located near the user’s chin or chest. The device is cheaper and more cost-effective than the first option but the quality isn’t flawless.

You should decide on your own what is your priority. The first option is costlier but the quality is better while the second variant can help you economize.

How Can Headphones Be Used as a Microphone?

It’s possible to use the headphones as microphones if the user plugs the device into the mic’s jack and start speaking. Both devices operate on the same principle therefore it’s possible. However, the quality won’t be so good.


Study our favorite picks in this article and find the best deals. We have selected the mics of different price categories so it’s easy to find the most suitable option.

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