Top 9 Best Pop Filters of 2021 – A Perfect Way To Get Fantastic Vocals

When consumers select the gear they don’t care about this accessory. They don’t even remember about it. One should study the subject to understand how essential it is to have the one and how it changes the quality of reproduced speech or vocals.

The devices blocking pop sounds are designed to fit on stands and perform filtering for people who record music, vocals or speech.

Look At Top 9 Best Pop Filters of 2019

Don’t neglect this small, useful accessory. Enhanced performance is guaranteed then.

With pop filter, the air stream is redirected and doesn’t cause unwanted effects in a mic. The air pressure is removed with pop filter and it improves capturing result.

Stedman Corporation Proscreen XL – Premium Pop Filter of 2019

Stedman Corporation Proscreen XL
Stedman Corporation Proscreen XL

The name of the brand is known to professionals and those who start exploring the subject. It offers very reliable products of different price categories so there are solutions for almost any person. The item is metal therefore it enables more air passing through it. This doesn’t spoil blocking effect. The task is performed successfully. Trying to remove bad plosives effect, the users should select this fantastic thing.

The solid build of the item makes it one of the best alternatives when user wants to suppress plosives and protect the mic head. Flexibility of the boom arm contributes to better positioning of the accessory. It’s possible to bend the pop screen as you wish. Using the clamp at the end of the arm the customer can attach the device on a mount easily. The mic in professional studio is usually equipped with pop filter.

The user can spend tons of time editing plosives and other unwanted effects using poor filtration devices or purchase this fabulous accessory instead. It economizes time and money as it’s rather cheap for the result produced.

grade: 4.5/5



Stedman PS101 – Best Low Profile Pop Filter 2019

Stedman PS101
The best choice

Our selection also includes another model from this brand, which was developed using different design. This model is lighter and its coverage is reduced compared to the previous model. Despite this fact, it’s sufficient even for large condenser. Its developers decided to ignore design aspect and offer minimalistic variant of microphone pop filter. Best performance is achieved this way. Opposing to the popfilter described above, such item doesn’t have a frame but this hasn’t affected its effectiveness. It performs job easily blocking up to 95% of pops. This is excellent result! Comparing Proscreen with this filter the performance is equally excellent when done with one of these models.

The consumers who bought the model were absolutely pleased with clean recording devoid of plosives. They liked its rigid structure contributing to durability of item. The product doesn’t look obtrusive and helps to manage proximity effect. Some users called it best microphone pop filter. It’s attached to a stand easily.

Want to see the filter best performance? Buy it and enjoy excellent work of mike!

grade: 4.7/5



Blue Universal Pop Filter – Best Budget Pop Filter 2019

Blue Universal Pop Filter
Blue Universal Pop Filter

This brand has become very successful in microphone production. Along with it, the company manufactures great accessories such as pop filter and many others. These products stand out from the rest. In comparison with usual pop filter, they offer the device with different shape. Secondly, more robust material is employed. It’s metal and features bigger frame thus making the construction heavier. However, it improves quality and consumers are pleased with its durability. It suits any microphone with a stand.

Pop filter’s provided with mesh including duel layers:

  • layer of nylon coping with pop sounds effortlessly
  • metal layer with bigger width

It’s mounted with a clamp attached to an boomarm. It’s a standard device and fits almost any condenser microphone.

Not all users like appearance of this pop filter and its finish, in particular. Chrome finish doesn’t go well with pop filter in their opinion. Microphone with such accessory isn’t stylish enough. With pop filter of this kind it doesn’t look aesthetically good. It’s a matter of taste though.

The device seems to be costly compared to low-priced items, but it’s engineered better. Microphone pop filter is designed for stand, not for desktop mounts. Though the appliance is universal, problems arise when it’s used incorrectly.

grade: 4.0/5



Avantone PS-1 PRO-SHIELD

Avantone PS-1 PRO-SHIELD
Avantone PS-1 PRO-SHIELD

Design often serves efficacy so it’s chosen from reasonable considerations. It’s semicylindrical. Such form is needed to enlarge radius of efficacy. Flexibility of pop filter contributes to its functionality. Its grille differs from usual ones. It’s made of metal but its pattern width is narrower.

It’s a good example of excellent microphone pop filter. It features a gooseneck enabling simple mounting of filter on stand. The product is covered with protection coating preventing rust.

Microphone filter suppresses plosives easily without deterioration of quality. The vocals don’t lose clarity with pop filter. The filter screen is not so large therefore it doesn’t interfere when person performs. Unfortunately, numerous accessories intended to block popping sounds don’t cope with assignment and become obstruction.

If you notice that recording is spoilt with pop sounds, repeat the recording with pop filter.

Improve the durability of microphone and protect it from moist buying this classy looking filter. It’ll hug your microphone and care about it.

grade: 4.2/5



Samson PS01

Samson PS01
Samson PS01

The readers are surprised to see simple accessories in the rating of the best products. However, simpler things are often more successful and universal than sophisticated ones with some complicated structure. PS01 can’t be simpler therefore it was accepted efficient when paired with numerous mics. The microphone pop filter does exactly what’s expected from the device. It’s often added to sets with microphones of different kinds.

Good coverage is guaranteed due to a framed fiber mesh. Nylon is used for it. Durable, reliable clamp prolongs life of pop filter. It’d made of cheap materials so it’s not expensive. A great product for a novice trying to get pure recording with plosive sounds. The microphone filter has 2 layers, which don’t let pressure wave achieve the mike with same intensity. They slow the air and neutralize negative effect.

grade: 4.2/5



Nady SSPF-4 Spider Shockmount

Nady SSPF-4
Nady SSPF-4

Standing apart from other accessories described above the shockmount offers a full kit of items for voice recording. In fact, it’s combination of a shockmount and filter suitable for almost any mic. Many consumers find it tiring to buy different accessories separately and then store this pile, but they gladly purchase kits or accessories with integrated features. Therefore this set became popular with customers. It’s especially convenient when the person doesn’t need a stand. So the multi-purpose accessory is very functional item. It holds the mic securely and protects it from saliva improving quality of recording.

The design is simple and elegant. The reviews of users are positive though there’re some complaints. The consumers don’t like that clamp is very tight so they are afraid to damage expensive device. So it’s a bit problematic to adjust the mic to the right position and takes some effort. Many admit that it was designed awkwardly. Those who solved this problem with pop filter, consider it fantastic solution especially being short of sufficient funds.

grade: 3.9/5



Auphonix Flat Clamp Pop Filter

Auphonix Flat Clamp
Auphonix Flat Clamp

We all like the order on the table especially when the device requires different accessories such as a mic with pop filter. The model of this brand will make the desktop clean and accurate as it neatly adjusted to the mic making sound pure and devoid of pop sounds, which spoil the result. The pop filter suits different models but it’s highly recommended to use it with Yeti in case you refused from the accessory of that brand.

The pop screen features a thick frame making the device solid. With pop screen double mesh design, the product uses finer mesh at the top providing better effect.

Use of this device will make you forget about impact of pop sounds and plosives. The pop screen stops plosives effectively. Buying mics, the person shouldn’t neglect pop filter and other useful accessories. Those who want to have smooth vocals or have podcasts sound great, can purchase this inexpensive but very effective detail to your home studio. The result won’t disappoint!

grade: 4.3/5



Nady MPF-6

Nady MPF-6
Nady MPF-6

The brand produces many awesome things. In addition to the item described above, this filter should be included to the list of best accessories. Its flexible gooseneck helps to position the item the way needed. Swivel mount alleviates positioning. Rotate the device in any direction. It’s considered that such accessory is made for studio recording. However, many customers make recordings in home studios and employ this product for effective result. It helps to attain desired goal in a cheap and fast way. It removes plosives before they get to recording. This is the best way to deliver high quality performance and purity of sounding. There’s no need to spend money on expensive mics.

grade: 3.9/5



WETECH U Shape Pop Filter

WETECH U Shape Pop Filter
WETECH U Shape Pop Filter

The mic head is entirely protected with amazing appliance. No moisture or saliva will even get through it damaging expensive microphone, which is much subjected to humidity. It’s easily ruined being exposed to saliva often. Just imagine how expensive the best microphone is! It should be protected with accessories of this kind to prolong its work.

Simple installation of this pop filter is one of the benefits of the device. The rubber ring performs this work easily. It protects the item against all kinds of interference including plosives and other breath sounds. It’s also worth saying that the device is incredibly cheap.

grade: 3.4/5


What Is a Pop Filter
What Is a Pop Filter

What Is a Pop Filter?

Lovers of vocals clarity should acquire this product because it’s necessary for excellent performance. It’s an essential item even for those who record speech because they face the same problems performing recordings. Mesh installed near mic serves to protect it. Different materials are employed for its production and it functions differently depending upon it.

What Does a Pop Filter Do?

It’s a complicated question involving different aspects such as how voice works and microphone perceives it. Their combined work of voice should be thoroughly studied to get answer. Humans producing sounds create vibrations in terms of physics, which go through the air moving it in certain direction (where sound goes).

So people decided to develop the device for recognition of waves as they wanted to capture speech or vocals. This is how microphone appeared. The key element in the device is the diaphragm with high sensitivity to sound. It transforms sound into vibration, then to electric signal for storage.

When the person speaks, he creates some vibrations that are too strong for standard diaphragm. Some sounds vibrate more than others. It seems as if they burst. The pressure is too strong when plosives are pronounced and mic doesn’t cope with them. As a result, these sounds are recorded incorrectly and they spoil the recording. The task of the pop filter is to reduce this unwanted effect.

Where Do Pop Filters Fit into All This?

It’s recommended to use pop filter for flawless audio. Many of such devices have double mesh. It destroys the effect produced by plosives neutralizing extra energy and the person gets smooth performance.

Common people are not able to deal with plosives without this appliance. However, those who professionally record songs are able to reduce the negative effect of plosives or even completely get rid of it. But this is too uncertain to rely on this capability therefore the device discussed in the article is still necessary.

The words beginning with B, P are heard on the recording when it’s done without pop filter.

How Does a Pop Filter Work?

There’s no some complicated scheme making the device function. A mesh turned out rather effective appliance neutralizing undesirable distortions of pop and plosives. It happens when strong stream of air meets the barrier (pop filter). Extra energy disappears immediately, shaving off some degree of high frequencies. It works fantastically. Thus, the soundwave without destructive plosives gets to the mic and the result is superb!

Different Types of Pop Filters
Different Types of Pop Filters

Different Types of Pop Filters

As any device, this one has different variations. Usually its mesh is made of nylon. Fine nylon mesh effectively blocks unwanted sounds. However, the standard mesh often brings disappointment such as lack of sonic transparency. Experimenting with different materials and properties such as thickness, the producers try to create the ideal product. As a result, the following types of the device came into view:

  • Made of fabric

Rather traditional material among others. The person is able to create one at home by stretching the piece of the tights around the frame made of coat hanger. At the same time acoustic transparency problem arises. Thinness of tights is to blame for it. Such method doesn’t solve the problem efficiently. Many producers create the air gap between two layers of fabric thus stopping the air and reducing SPL to prevent popping sound afterwards. The manufacturers try to find the appropriate fabric and its weave to provide the best possible level of transparency.

  • Made of metal

The metal accessories are rather popular. Providing excellent transparency, they are durable and very thin. It’s sufficient to have one layer because the specific shape of holes contributes to better result. Formed as drops, these holes stop the intensity of air stream. It’s cost-efficient solution for manufacturers. It’s not expensive method providing steady results. The consumers love its lightness. However, metal pop filter alters tonality adding whistle to sound.

  • Made of foam

Though this material is frequently used for windscreens, it’s also helpful for filtration of pops. They can also slow down the air to remove the negative effect of plosives. However, such material is rather delicate and can’t be universal for this reason.

Metallic Mesh

The versatility of different filters is amazing but experts still recommend using metal ones. There are different reasons for it but the basic one has to do with amount of air passing through it.

Metallic mesh is durable and serves for years but some people prefer nylon mesh because metal causes vibration that should be excluded when recording is done. Vibration has negative impact upon the result. In contrast to it, nylon mesh absorbs vibration thus providing clean and crisp recording. Despite this, metal accessory is a primary choice. Tight material stops the sound along with plosives so perfect result becomes impossible in this way, while metal mesh copes with the task.

Other Reasons Why Metallic Mesh Is Better Than Nylon

It’s washable and dryable, therefore easily cleaned. This factor can’t be excluded especially in the studio where many people make recordings every day. We can easily wash and dry metal but we can’t do the same with nylon mesh. It can be easily destroyed.

Hygiene and durability are the two basic factors we should consider selecting metal mesh.

Dual Layer Designs

Two components are more effective and make the work faster. Taking the best from achievements, the manufacturers decided to combine nylon and metal mesh to create the ideal device. The same refers to the world of popscreens. One layer is metal while the other is made of nylon. Therefore the result is incredibly effective. All popping sounds disappear in an instant. This is unbelievable but it works better than other methods.

Windscreen or Pop Filter?

Windscreen is not an alternative to pop filter. This mistake is rather widespread. People think that it’s possible to use the windscreen instead. These are two different accessories that serve different goals. The windscreen is developed to protect the mike against wind and, probably, saliva as well, but not popping sounds! The plosives with windscreen will sound the same way as without it.

DIY Pop Filter Or Store Bought One?

Some people don’t want to buy the filter in the store and try to create DIY product. They think it’s simple and use the old fabric to create the item. Usually stockings are used for it though it’s doubtful that they produce the desired effect. Even if the person succeeds and manages to create DIY filter reducing negative effects of pops, it’s not a reliable device and can’t guarantee stable performance.

The homemade filter suits only people who don’t see the difference between the results or if the filter is more expensive than the mic itself. If the person owns costly mic and wants to make the best of it, then it’s just silly not to spend a bit more to acquire the filter. You are very close to the goal, so why refuse from it? We highly recommend to purchase the filter in the store. This is not an expensive item but it makes the recording excellent.

How to Find A Best Pop Filter For Your Needs?

It’s always important to weigh all pros and cons before purchasing something. Though the item selected is known for simplicity, it considerably alleviates recording procedure. The filter should suit other equipment in size. Also, the mounting factor matters. The accessory should be easily adjusted to the stand.

Size and Shape Of The Filter

Is size of filter important? What about its shape? All parameters play important role for work of the device. The conditions matter much. How big is the room where recording is performed? The choice of the equipment such as mic, filter depends upon it. If the mic isn’t large then it doesn’t require big accessories.
As for the shape, there are semicylindrical and flat filters. Consumers should use the filter with this factor in mind. In case the filter is curved it doesn’t matter how it’s placed. However, using flat device the person should speak or sing right into the center of the accessory. It won’t work effectively without this condition performed.

Types of Pop Filter

Different Types of Pop Filters
Different Types of Pop Filters

We have already compared different varieties of the accessory. Some models are fantastic no matter what camp they belong to: nylon or metallic. Some models are mixtures including both. In case the pricetag matters, metallic item is costlier, but these expenditures are worth taken. Some users still prefer nylon accessories as they prefer the result achieved with such item better.


The filter should be attached to a stand therefore the type of mount shouldn’t be ignored. The customer may prefer metal goosenecks, which are flexible and reliable. It’s simple in use and effective as well. Those who select this kind of device, should pay attention how long the gooseneck is and how wide its clamp is. This parameter determines where you place the filter. In case the user needs a filter placed on a desk, the clamp should be appropriate for it. However, the mounting system should be different. Pay attention to the non-standard mounting prior to acquisition of accessory.

How to Properly Use A Pop Filter

The purchase of accessory is challenging but even after all these actions not all consumers are able to use the device properly. Some consumers aren’t able to take the most of what they have. It’s not sufficient just to purchase the item correctly. One should learn to use the equipment in a right way.

The filter should be installed near the mike. The distances between these two things should be no less than 10 cm. If you neglect this rule, this the device won’t bring the desired effect. The streams of air will still reach the mike and spoil the quality of recording. The mesh installed 10 cm away from the mike breaks the effect producing by pop sounds so the recording is smooth.

One more experts’ recommendation has to do with tilting of filter. It’s done to avoid the situation when sound is reflected and doesn’t reach the mike. The rule should be necessarily performed in case the consumer uses small mike. The problem is especially acute in this case.


Choice of accessories is no less important sometimes than choice of main recording gear. Investing to these things is important. It’s not advised to economize on such things. The professional should have the appropriate shockmount, filter, stand etc. Such things are not very expensive so there’s no need to worry about the budget and their affordability. What you need to do is to find enough time to select the item required.

If you attentively read the article and follow all instructions provided in it, you’ll use the filter easily to your advantage. This is how you can achieve smoothness of vocals with ease.


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