Sennheiser MK4 Digital Microphone Review

Sennheiser MK4 Digital Microphone Review

Those who used Sennheiser once adore this brand thanks to the quality of microphones they provide. Many years have passed after the brand came up with Sennheiser MK4 digital condenser. The arrival of this digital condenser raised the quality bar considerably. More high-quality devices of this price range appeared in the market. The microphone is solid and reliable. Besides, it provides consistent sound, therefore, professional experts highly advise such gear to those who need an upgrade. It refers to musicians as well as large diaphragm of digital condenser makes the device suitable for a wide range of applications. This Sennheiser MK4 condenser microphone review reveals the main aspects of this product.

Types of microphones
Types of microphones


Everything in the design of the digital mic says about its professional level. There is nothing surprising about it as the microphone we are reviewing at the moment has a professional mic on its basis. One can find the durable grille made of metal and the gold-plated capsule used by the device. The pattern of pickup is cardioid.

The company producing the device develops and manufactures the accessories for this model as well. It refers, for instance, to a shock mount, a pop filter, a windscreen, and a carrying case.

The performance is very close to a professional one despite its ability to convert to digital format without XLR cable, special software and other devices.

Though the microphone is not unique in this sense, other devices don’t provide the same quality performance. It does not only perform the A/D digital conversion but employs the sensitive capsule that preserves the price on a high level.

The person should also purchase the stand for the microphone when he wants to achieve the studio quality.

MK4 is devoid of such features as a gain knob. It doesn’t have a headphone jack either. Some experts consider it a huge shortcoming. The other negative thing often pointed out is the lack of pop filter and shock mount in a set. So the person has to buy these things additionally.

There’s a lightning cord for its connection with iOS devices that also delivers a breathtaking quality. The lightweight device can be easily used in the field.

The gear should be used with special software. This is Apogee Maestro. It controls the preamp gain of the mic. There is also a special recording app called Apogee MetaRecorder. It’s possible to adjust the microphone with its assistance. The app should be loaded first. The software for further use is downloaded for free.

Sennheiser MK4
Sennheiser MK4

grade: 4.7/5




The first thing that is loved about the product is its capsule and the possibility of digital conversion performed by Sennheiser mic.

Imagine the person who just begins to use Sennheiser or some other microphone and needs digital recording. The beginner can have problems with it as the musicians should have numerous devices to deliver digital recording.

Those who want to get sound to the recording software can resort to digital microphone from Sennheiser instead of plain USBmic providing different results.

Most microphones cater to the needs of non-professional consumers. We can’t say the same about this digital condenser. This unique device adapted the condenser to digital sphere. Nobody expected such fantastic performance from digital device but the fact remains: almost each Sennheiser MK4 condenser microphone review says about its bright result.

It’s not hard to connect the item to the digital device such as the iPad and then launch it via one of the applications. The sound becomes special thanks to the unique diaphragm and the capability to process high volume sound in addition to high-frequency range.

The proximity effect of this digital mic is great. If you keep the device closer, it brings to the uncolored sound. When the vocals are recorded, the sound becomes deep and beautiful.

Use the windscreen to neutralize Its sensitivity to plosives requires the use of a windscreen. The mic can be used for recording signals at a distance. It’s also possible to use the mic for acoustic recording as it’s able to capture all nuances of the sound.

The sound is picked up warmly and reflected without distortion thanks to the enhanced technology developed by the manufacturer.

The microphone is compatible with different operating systems and can function with Mac and Windows well.

The gear sounds slightly crisp in high-mids and delivers exceptional clarity. The result is smooth in the mids. The specialists assure that the mic has a midrange focus. If the person equalizes and compresses the signal, it will sound even better.

Recording quality
Recording quality


The mic is not directed towards affordability but the quality of sound. Therefore, the digital microphone usually doesn’t cost so much. It’s possible to acquire less expensive mic but when quality is a priority, the consumers select pro-level mic of this model with the capability of digital conversion. It helps to economize time and money on numerous devices that are usually required for this process.


Hopefully, this Sennheiser MK4 condenser microphone review helped you to determine if you need the microphone of this kind. The reviews of customers point out its exceptional quality and ability to perform challenging tasks.

If you want to buy a great-sounding mic MK4 digital model is exactly what you need. If the ear is not trained and the person doesn’t see the difference between MK4 and other microphones that enable effortless digital conversion, then probably it’s not necessary to acquire this mic. However, it’s still noticeable. If you earn your living making videos, your online followers will feel the difference. MK4 improves the quality of your videos and this directly affects your popularity on YouTube and streaming services. It’s possible to survive and even prosper in the digital world if you follow its rules and meet the demands of discerning consumers who got accustomed to fantastic quality. Consequently, they are able to see the difference you don’t probably notice. The quality of this mic is not pro but it’s close to it.

Also, the digital mic is great for solo vocalists and for those who sing together with other performers. It’s absolutely the best when high-quality oа sound is required.


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